Book One: Chapter Twenty-six (part one)


Eight young Lords and the King sat at the round table. Over one thousnd soldiers stood between the table and the entrance and even more stood just outside the door. The young Lords practically threatened the King who, did not take much offense as he put nothing past human nature. After four -Ourantith hours- of discussion, the group had come to a resolution.

The Lords brought their case to the king. They decided that the Kings reach was not secure enough and the only way they could think of getting him to listen was by attacking Trolipolitus. The King decided to put aside the fact that many citizens died because of their rash idea. He did however, agree with them. While he had a fair grasp on Trolipolitus and its surrounding lands, their nation was far too large and had far too many people for the king to keep his eye on them and make sure things work properly. The entire Kingdom of Trolvania was about four times the size of the African continent on Earth. That is a bit less than half the size of the whole continent of Arborethia. If the King wanted to truly conquer more lands and keep his empire under control he would have to rearrange the government in some way.

The King decided that to divide Trolvania into smaller provinces ruled by each of the young lords. The King would control Trolipolitus and the surrounding region including Tempestial city. They would then select their own persons representing their region to remain in Trolipolitus and regularly correspond. Those representatives would then appear in the daily court meetings. The young Lords would also select two persons from their province to place in the various ministries and bureaus. Finally, the king, who wanted to expand his reach on the continent decided that the four smaller kingdoms would each conquer and expand their territories autonomously while giving the king regular updates of their progress. Finally he decided that the decree written would be flexible and that should the king have an issue to raise or all of the rulers of the provinces had an issue to raise they could re-convene and amend their decree.

After they finished the decree, Lord Rincroft -Pal’s master- said he would like to keep Yoko with him so as to help her adjust to this new world and see how she might prove to be a powerful asset to the kingdom. Before arriving at the Palace, Pal told the young lord of Yoko’s ability to read minds and Rincroft noticed that the king was not particularly interested in her. Rincroft was a very ambitious subject of the king. His calculating mind was hidden behind a gentle appearance that fooled everyone around him.

Lord Beverleigh, the young lord who brought the strongest force of soldiers spoke. “Is she not the girl from the legend? I think we all could use her expertise in our provinces.”

“sorry. She isn’t.” Pal began, “The girl from the prophecy got her self killed.” She began telling the tale of what happened in the prison. After she finished telling them how she stayed with the stupid little kid who couldn’t move she cackled.

“Freya should have saved herself! What a fool!”

Indignantly Yoko responded, “Don’t talk about her like that!…”

“Yes I believe Yoko would prove to be of great use in my kingdom. Also, perhaps she IS the fated child with power.” Yoko slowly backed away from the table. “I will keep her in my court for now. I will certainly allow you all to eventually experience her gifts first hand.”

Yoko began to run towards the door to the throne room but two mages hit her with restraint spells. At that moment a large object sped into the room bashing through the knights that were in the room. Next to the table, out of nowhere, a girl with silver hair appeared laughing.