Book One: Chapter Twenty-five


“Alright. I actually believe you Lady…”

“Yoko. My names Yoko'”

King Reagan cleared his throat. “I will allow you to remain here under the guardianship of Master Bridgeport for now… I’m talking about both of you.” He shifted on the throne to lean on one of the arm tests briefly glancing at Davina. “now I saw two seers earlier. You wouldn’t happen to be the one… no. It couldn’t be.”

Yoko nodded. Suddenly she heard the voices of people walking towards the palace, and gasped. She then informed the king, “Your highness eight young Lords are coming here now,” her voice calm and clear.

An explosion erupted outside of the Palace. Destructive magic decimated the outer doors. Sounds of marching soldiers reached the throne room. The ground seemed to shake. Yoko and Davina turned around. Eight young Lords entered the throne room accompanied by guards. Yoko scowled as she saw Pal and her comrades next to one of the Lords. Yoko had a strange gut feeling.


“Yoko! I just saw a bunch of soldiers walking onto Palace grounds. They destroyed the gates and the palace doors…”

“Like I was saying…”

“Right. We’re already inside the gate and we found ourselves a weird guy a little older than us and a wizard… no… Dragon Wizard And…”

Freya paused for a moment and suddenly Yoko sensed that Freya was near.

“Okay. Me and Mandolin are just outside the door. There’s big smelly men in armor. Think any are knights?”

Yoko smiled and heaved a sigh, her head twisting around as she looked for Freya. She didn’t find her.

Before she could think to do anything else, one of the young Lords called a group of soldiers who brought in two half spheres with legs. These half spheres were two halves of a gigantic round table. It was large enough to seat twenty. Chairs, carried by young attendants arrived soon after the table was assembled. The kings face darkened. He stood from his throne and walked down the short flight of stairs.

“Your Majesty,” said the young lord who was standing next to Pal. “Let’s discuss the future of our kingdom together…”

The kings guards suddenly ran into the room and eight mages stood before them. “Your guards are certainly welcome to join us. A ruler should always bring a trustworthy guard with him.” The young man smirked as he walked to the table. The other young men joined him.