Book One: Chapter Twenty-four


Professor Parda began to tell the miraculous tale about his not so miraculous birth on the land of the Dragon Wizards. He had been born particularly gifted as well as particularly observant and empathetic. From the time he could walk until his thirteenth birthday he diligently studied basic. magic

On his birthday a seer arrived from another village and told him a story about two babies whose souls had split and went to another world. One baby was born to a man who was Troll mix and his wife from the Desert kingdom. The other would have obscure beginnings becoming an orphan early. When the world would begin to collapse he would be able to meet the girls reborn and whole spirit in one body. With that girl he would meet four dragons left behind from long ago. Many miraculous things would happen thereafter and he must help them. From that day forward his elders trained him more rigorously in basic magic and they began his dragon magic training earlier than usual. Normally a young magician who had potential to use dragon magic was not schooled in the art until he was twenty five. They started training him when he was sixteen. He had two elemental affinities for Dragon Wizardry; light magic and water magic would be his focus for combat strength while he would also learn general Wizard magic as well.

He trained until he was 30. On that day the seer returned and told him told him of a prophecy:

The man’s kingdom will destroy a family descending of troll royalty. The father will die, his daughter reborn with a new body and soul, his sons birth is but a hope to him.
One will rise to the highest seat in the country.
One will amass a power so great that mankind dare not resist ever again.
Whoever can hold this power close to them will be able to change the world.
The knights of old fade away while a new sword appears. Dragons will reclaim their place and when the portal opens, their ancestors will return.
The balance of the world will change but there will be true balance. Mankind will not stand above another kind and no other kind will stand above another. No country will stand above any other, no element will stand above any other. Everything assumes its proper place and our savior will live many years peacefully.

The seer instructed him to travel to the capitol of Trolvania where he would meet the girl. She also told him to tread carefully as there would be other powers with seeds who would either they to exploit the girl or kill her. The seer told him the girl would soon hold knowledge that could uproot empires and kingdoms.

“that was three years ago. And also the same year I came to Trolvania and met Astrid deSarto, daughter of a man later accused of treason. I met Leo along he way but we don’t know what his purpose is yet. His mother likely knows better than we do.”

Freya considered his story. She knew he was telling the truth because she was taught to read faces including the micro expressions people make in order to determine whether they were lying. She also trusted her pseudo mind reading abilities and found that the man spoke in earnest and he was also very excited like he was ready to partake of this “man’s romance” -adventure and intrigue that men yearn to experience. There was however one thing that disturbed her.

She couldn’t help but feel a bit weirded out by the professor so she outright asked him, “Why do you look so old? Aren’t you only thirty three?”

Leos eyes widened. He had known the professor but he didn’t even think to raise the question after hearing the story. “That’s right professor! Why do you look so old?!?”

The older man stepped back and hit the end of his staff against the ground. His gray hair turned black his eyes became dark brown and the wrinkles on his face disappeared. His height increased so that the top of his head was level with Leo’s. The overlay Freya could see earlier had also disappeared. Freya was shocked. He wasnt just tall dark and handsome. A face that could break up marriages emerged. Should he decide to reveal his face to the general population becoming the enemy of all women was a certainty. Luring them in with no effort he could then cast them aside indifferently. with his looks, they would likely forgive him even if they were the one cast aside.

The wizard replied, “If I went to a magical school Leonidas, looking like this, do you think they would take me seriously?”

“Ah! Right.” The younger man nodded.

“Freya, I had to change my appearance for this job otherwise there was no way the school would believe that I am capable of teaching students magic.”

The man looked younger than thirty. He looked barely twenty. His voice, no longer scratch, was deep and smooth as silk. Freya’s face flushed as he spoke.

“o-o-ok. Um… th-this place is crazy anyways…” She took a deep breath and slapped her face with both hands. I need to get a grip. I didn’t expect him to look so good…

“… ok. I believe you. Why is HE here again?” she pointed at Leonidas.

Professor Parda’s eyes shifted from side to side. He paused briefly in thought before giving the excuse, “he’s my assistant.”

Freya sighed. That explanation was totally believable…not. She had suspicions about Leo but kept them to herself. She could sense that Parda was lying his body language showed it and she could feel his nervousness. She decided to let it go. He must have a reason he cant tell me…As long as he helps me he’s not bad.

“So Professor Parda. What is your full name?”

“You can just call me professor…”

Freya levitated the professor so that he hung upside down. He started muttering various words trying to return to his feet but he could not break Freyas hold. “o-okay. Its Nauri Parda. Please call me Nauri.”

Freya flipped him upright and put returned him to the ground as he muttered something about a little vixen using some otherworldly magic. Suddenly a pebble hit him in the middle of his chest and it stung fiercely.

“Aren’t you quite rude?” Mandolin said as she stood next to Freya.

“Why you!” Leo stepped towards Mandolin who quickly turned away and used his momentum to throw his body a few feet away. “Know your place young… assistant?”

Leo was enraged “know YOUR place little kid.” The young man stood and began to run towards Mandolin again.

“I wouldn’t recommend that.” Nauri grabbed Leo and pulled him out of Mandolins line of fire just as a knife landed in a spot in front of where he had stood. Freya could see that Mandolin had thrown the knife into the ground as an example.

“I’m not a killing machine or anything old man. I guess we will never get away from people seeing us as weapons.”

“You’re throwing knives like an expert! Why wouldn’t we call you a livin weapon! Didn’t you learn to walk just last week?”

Mandolin grabbed Freya hand. “let’s leave. We need to find Yoko.”

Freya stopped the younger girl. “we can’t… Not yet anyways…She is in the middle of a audience with the King.”

“An audience with the king?” Leo, Mandolin, Nauri said in unison.

“yes. An audience with the king.”

The wizard had a worried expression on his face. “This Yoko… is a young lady?”

Both girls nodded.

The wizards face turned grim. “She may well be in danger then!”

“Don’t worry. She can handle herself quite well. Besides the only reason we split up is because the statue almost squashed Mandolin and I into meat patties. Well anyways there is apparently a young lord who wanted to get his hands on me. He sent three spies into the prison where we were staying.” She had no idea whether he heard the whole prophecy or whether there are others who want to capture her, but the girls who tried to take her to their lord aparently left after the statue fell, she explained.

“there are three other young Lords who have attacked the city and they are all headed to the Palace. That’s why I said your friend…the king might make a move to prevent those Lord’s from seeing Yoko. Passing a decree to appoint your friend his concubine would be his best solution to keep her off limits but she would then be trapped… ”

After closing her eyes Freya stood silently. Occasionally she smirked. The two men began to question her sanity. When she finally spoke, “don’t worry right now” the two gave her some weird looks. She continued, “we should move closer to the Palace. If she needs help I will know.”

“Can you follow us old wizard?” He nodded and returned to his old appearance. She looked at Leonidas with a devious glint in her eyes. “Leo were jumping rooftops. You need me to carry you?” Mandolin joked, “you needn’t wast your energy on that. This little toddler can carry him. It’s nothing to me,” while evilly smiling.

“I am just fine!” he responded as both girls chuckled.

“We were not serious Leo. You maybe unprofessional, but at least, I, don’t doubt your strength.”

Freya and Mandolin jumped up to the rooftops. They, like Yoko noticed that the gravitational pull on Ourantith was less than that of earth while people and matter were more dense. Leo said “veolcitar” just before he jumped up to the roots. He passed Freya and Mandolin and suddenly Mandolin let go of Freya hand and shot forward passing Leo. Nauri sat on his staff and began to fly low over the rooftops next to Freya.

“I don’t think she likes him.” Said the -currently-old man.

Freya rolled her eyes. “well I’m not sure whether the old man I met before and you two are representative of the opinions of all people in this world, but my sisters and myself were trained for many types of physical combat using many types of weapons or just our bodies. We also learned to use our powers for such purposes as combat and or intelligence gathering. We were in training but we also received live missions with heavy consequences if we failed. When it comes to war and politics the three of us just might outstrip the knowledge and understanding of most men in this world.” The old man nodded. He did not doubt Freya even a little. Her stature was slight, her demeanor not overbearing nor subservient, eyes clear and sharp, she viewed what was in front of her. After just a moment he realized she reminded him of the soldiers of trolvania. Only five years ago had they completed their last campaign securing the entire northern part of the continent under their Kings rule.

“Mandolin only just joined myself and Yoko. She was the only one brave enough to try and escape the place we were in. She really doesn’t want to drag us down. She is young and has such a small body. I’m sure though that without her we would not have been able to escape.”

She suddenly stopped. Nauri paused hovering next to her. Freya looked him directly in his eyes and though her face had a smile Nauri saw and felt the immense pain and sadness in the young girls gaze. “were still human and were still children. We shouldn’t have to think like adults or prepare to fight their wars.”

Nauri wondered what exactly the three girls had experienced before they arrived on Ourantith. I may find out later, or maybe I won’t. They continued towards Yoko; they continued towards the Palace.