Book One: Chapter Twenty Three


Watching from above, Freya saw several dragons fly through the air. Their destination was a portal leading to another world. On the summit of a cliff four dragons stood before a beautiful woman. Her skin was the color of dark chocolate. Her hair was brown and vines also grew from her scalp. Her eyes were large and golden. She was tall. Her head reached the chest of the largest dragon. A crown of gold shaped into a buttercup wreath adorned her head. On her back were markings that looked like wings.

The dragons cut open the right side of their abdomen just under their rib cage and removed their hearts. Freya’s heart began to race… the hearts began to shrink and turned into stones. They have the stones to the woman who stood before them and bowed their heads. The woman responded with the same action. Suddenly, Freya, noticed that the dragons were severely injured.

Five eggs suddenly appeared, floating before the tall woman. The four dragons told the woman that they wanted to leave their offspring on Ourantith. They did not know whether the world they were going to would be better or worse than Ourantith. They would be safe on Ourantith as long as they were unhatched. The Humans could not detect unborn dragons and so the children would be able to survive. By the time they would hatch the empire would have lost their methods of dragon detection.

The dragons all walked slowly to the edge of the cliff and took flight towards the portal. One dragon fell from the sky to the bottom of the chasm. The beautiful woman ran to the edge and jumped. Delicate black wings opened from her back. She stopped herself upon remembering that four dragon eggs remained on the cliff…

Freya awoke surrounded by darkness. Mandolin lay unconscious under her. It took her a few moments to remember what had happened. A Boulder was hurled through the temple, followed by a dragon like creature flying overhead. Mandolin was frozen in place. A growing shadow of the goddess statue entered her peripheral sight. Yoko suddenly said telepathically and audibly “Freya! The Ground!” Not knowing exactly why it happened, but she had clasped her hands forming a mudra. She placed her hands onto the earth and hole appeared, and then she was falling. She had just enough time to break her fall and shield Mandolin before she her strength felt completely drained and she fell unconscious.

During the present time Freya looked above her. The hole she and Mandolin were in was fairly deep. The statue was approximately ten feet above them. Slivers of light passed under the stature wherever it did not contact the ground. Seriously? Thats about ten feet. Freya attempted to levitate the statue but she was barely able to move it. Energy reserves depleted, she cursed at herself for ignoring her growling stomach. It was a bad habit. Before Yoko was able to get extra portions of food for her she often had To go through her lessons feeling intense hunger pains which she eventually learned to ignore. At the present time, however, she had plenty rations stashed in her bag, which seemed somehow contained more space inside than what appeared externally.

After doing her flashlight trick (sparks between her fingers), she rummaged through her bag with her other hand and removed six MREs and a bottle of water. After rapidly eating all six she drank water and rested for a while.


Leônidas and Professor Parda were walking down Fierenhad Lane when they saw the temple dedicated to goddess Einrhea reduced to rubble and her statue had collapsed on the ground.

“Be careful here.” The professor warned.

“she’s here!” Leo replied.

He quickly jumped backwards as the statue had risen from the ground and floated towards him.


After tripping over his own legs Leonidas fell on his bottom where a jagged stone protruded from the ground. quick movement caught in his peripheral vision prompted him to turn his head only to see a small girl with dark curly hair carrying a duffel bag and even smaller girl with silver hair on her back. After gently landing on the ground on the other side of the statue, the dark haired girl scanned the area.



“Dammit, not this again,” grumbled Freya through clenched teeth.

Yoko and Davina were nowhere around and her main concern was finding them. Did she have time to chat with Astrid’s old acquaintances?

Freya ignored the voice calling for Astrid and lay Mandolin on the ground. Before propping the younger girls head upon the duffel bag, she removed another bottle of water. After opening the bottle she held it to Mandolins lips, pouring just a little water into her mout. Reflexively Mandolin swallowed and Freya poured a little more water, after which she began to shake the younger girl who opened her eyes and sat up quickly. “what happened?!? Where’s Yoko?”

Freya hugged her “Thank God you’re awake. I haven’t tried to contact her yet. Hold on.”


A surprised and relieved feeling was transmitted to her.


Did you think I was dead or something?

Of course not fool! Davina thought you were dead though. She reamed me out saying I’m hearltess because I was not crying over you.

It’s a long story but I will tell you when…

Freya. I’m so sorry. I have to go and talk to the king.

The king?!?

It’s a long story… Sorry. Bye. Later.

“Astrid!” a large hand had grabbed her shoulder whilke she appeared to stare blankly into space. Freya normally had a pleasant temperament, however, being shaken by some random idiot while she was engaged in an important conversation gradually irritated her.

She knew there was a misunderstanding but she did not feel like stopping to talk. Yoko and Davina were at the palace. Freya was only concerned with ensuring that her important people were not being held captive. Therefore, the young man was caught completely off guard when, quicker than his eye could follow, Freya did a backward roll and stood holding her unsheathed Katana at his jugular.

Eyes widened in shock, he looked the girl he loved up and down and suddenly noticed her eyes. They were not Violet, and the cold expression in her eyes was one he never had seen before. Magic could have changed her eye color temporarily but he doubted it would matter when so many people knew her face. Though her Violet eyes were common knowledge, not everyone had seen them especially guards who would be looking for her. Simply changing her eye color was idiotic at best, at the least somewhat creative… maybe…but, Astrid was not a fool and would not waste power on such a meaningless change. However, given even that there were no stories going around about the girl being particularly agile or having such a cold stare. The girl next to her, though she had silver hair she was much shorter than Davina, Astrids servant, a few shades darker, a few years younger looking, and her eyes were silver. If that was Davina, he had no idea that she was so powerful to be able to change herself so drastically, and yet he did not understand why she would change herself and not Astrid. All of this flashed through his thoughts in a brief moment. In any case…

“Astrid?!?” He reached towards Freya who shifted her body just out of his reach while also lightly piercing his skin with her sword. “Since when did you know how to use a sword? Or did someone teach you how-to look intimidating enough to scare your enemies and make an escape?” Astrid was quite frail and she could barely use any of her immense stores of magic.

Freya rolled her eyes. It would be great if this guy didn’t talk so much. When can I speak?!?

She scanned him from head to toe. His hair was silver, his large, mismatched almond shaped eyes were amber and green, his complexion was a rich milk chocolate and he was tall. Much taller than the average man. And his build was naturally slim and muscular. He appeared agile though, not agile enough to corner me when I have a full belly…

In a flash she zipped past him lightly slicing his waist, his back diagonally then she moved again and quickly sliced his right thigh right arm and left calf. It was just enough to draw a bit of blood, not enough to injure him critically. Arguing with this idiot would be useless Freya thought.

“I’m sorry…Lady Freya,” a gentle older voice interrupted her just as she had finished her handiwork. Freya urned her head towards the the man who had spoken. His appearance was odd because it appeared as though various characters and symbols were swirling over the man’s body. She could see his figure and facial features but the symbols and characters appeared as an overlay that was taller and broader than his appearance.

Leo had just realized that he was bleeding from a few places on his body. Mouth gaping he also noticed that the girl had not hit any dangerous spots or vital points. “Oh! oh! I’m bleeding!” “Professor! I’m bleeding! What the…” It was at that moment when he realized what the Wizard said.

“You’re not Astrid? Wh…”

The older man interrupted. “I would like to apologise on behalf of my student Leonidas. He happens to be particularly fond of Lady Astrid and couldn’t help himself.”

“Either way he shouldn’t just randomly try to grab a persons arm from behind.” Freya retorted. “that’s just asking for a defensive strike.”

“I assure you young lady that he had no ill intentions…”

“I don’t care about his intentions. There’s still some kind of battle going on and he should know better as a man. If he approached someone from behind while a conflict is happening he might lose his life! This is ridiculous! He looks way older than me and acts like an amateur!!! How does he not know that?!?” why am I wasting time explaining this?!?

Astounded by the statement Leo let an awkward sounding sigh.He opened and closed his mouth as though trying to speak, but no words came. He had no response for his apparently battle hardened child.

“even if he mistook me for Astrid, would he really expect to be able to grab the girls arm from behind after she was battered by guards and dragged to a prison. She had even lost her sight because a guard shoved her against a brick wall and she injured her brain! Even if you didn’t know about her eyes, do you really think she’d take to someone just grabbing her arm from behind?!?”

Rolling her eyes and flicking her hair over one shoulder, she suddenly looked around and helped Mandolin to her feet. “Run!” they ran from the front of the temple just as four large boulders flew from the air and into buildings. Freya was just in time to deflect a Boulder that had been close to hitting the older man. The old man deflected another after mumbling a bit. Freya saw light as well as characters and symbols circling around the staff the Wizard held an moved towards the boulder. Again, the characters and symbols appeared as an overlay. It was like an extra dimension that only she could see. She looked towards Mandolin, who looked perplexed.

A line of soldiers stopped on the opposite side of the statue. There were at least a thousand on the road and they had halted in the street. The leader of the soldiers suddenly shouted. “Maldregor!”

Maldregor walked forward wearing baggy black cotton pants a gray cotton shirt and carrying a staff which he raised into the air. The rubble exploded towards Freya and her party. Running with Mandolin into a narrow alley Freya began navigating throughalleys and small streets to find a difficult to access nook where she could allow Mandolin to rest. As they continue along Freya transmitted thoughts to the younger girl. You…did you see something strange around the wizard?

Mandolin nodded. “There was a strange light over the man’s staff and it moved to the boulder but it felt like a extra otherworldly visual field that popped up…”

Something no one else could see?

Mandolin nodded but did not speak.

Leo and the old man followed as Freya continued weving through the city until she stopped in an area where the only passages were walkways with dilapidated homes on each side. After seating Mandolin in a wooden box she turned to face the men behind her.

“Okay, now, strange old guy. How did you know who I am? Also were you guys looking for us?”

The old man sat on a barrel across from Freya. “how much time do you think we have?”

Freya, understanding what the man meant, jumped onto the roof of one of the houses. After scanning the area she returned to the ground “it looks like they’re actually heading towards the Palace. I feel excitement in the air… hmmm……”

“well, Lady Freya, I have a bit of a tale to tell you and it starts from when I was born…”