Book One: Chapter Twenty Two


“how much further?” Davina finally broke the silence.

He told her they had a bit more left to go.

Yoko walked close to him. “Hold these.” She said before handing him her bag her bow and her quiver of arrows. “One great thing about this place is the gravity here is a lot less of an obstacle than it is on earth.” Jumping upon a wall that separated the path they were walking along from several buildings she began jumping from roof to roof. Flitting from here to there flipping in the air, her landings were light and no one heard her as she ran along rooftops and looked around.

Yandell, lowered his face to his palm. “If only everyone had her capabilities, we’d have arrived at our destination already.”

Davina nodded, “If only…”

The two Trolvanians continued walking and talking. Davina told him everything she experienced since the three girls had appeared in the prison.

Yoko was by no means idle. She gave herself a grand unescorted tour of the palace grounds. There was a small town behind the wall. There were pubs, inns, smithies, cobblers, and businesses along with several residences. Many people walked rapidly through the small roads gathering supplies and preparing weapons for transport. It was close to evening and Yoko could hear the sounds of conflict still going on. She wondered where Freya and Mandolin might be. Looking out towards the city she could see that the fighting was even closer to the Palace. More than one army banner was visible. Four different armies had invaded the city of Trolipolitus. A wyvern flew over her coming from the mountains and flying west. She turned back and ran to the dividing wall. Bridgeport looked at her when she appeared at the top of the wall. Yoko continued walking alongside Yandell and Davina on the top of the wall. She had more of a bounce in her step and her hair occasionally catching the breeze.

“Master Bridgeport… how long do you think the fighting will continue? Is this normal or…”

“This attack was a surprise for all of us. There has been a lot of political turmoil amongst the officials and…”

Yoko spoke aloud to herself “that’s right that Hakalai deSarto they falsely accused of treason…”

“Falsely accused? How would you even know?”

“I will have to explain that later,” she thought about the book that had brought the three girls there, that had given the background story of Freya who was formerly Astrid, “In any case he is dead and its partially my fault, I think.”

“right! Young lady. You caused a ruckus at the mines earlier today. What kind of magic did you use? Who taught you?”

Davina quickly looked at Yoko, with a concerned expression. Yoko hadnt spoke much before about her journey outside the prison. Also, she was unaware of what Yoko could have done to cause a disturbance at the mines.

“Well…” she stopped walking and grabbed a lock of her hair twisting it around her finger. After a moment she continued. “I can’t call it magic and I can’t say I learned it because its more like a natural ability. Like breathing, walking, eating, hearing. In our world we call them Psychic abilities. At first when I was little I could hear people’s thoughts and feel their feelings. My parents hated me and abandoned me because they didn’t like that ability at all. I learned later how to control it when I started living with Freya and the Littles…” she suddenly stopped speaking and inhaled deeply, slowly exhaling. the second deep breath she inhaled came with a faint copper glow enveloping her which made naury gasp, surprised, “… well I learned to control it and use it as needed, like when I need to discern a person’s intentions or whether I should trust them… and later at the last place I lived I started being able to influence people. It was very subtle at first but slowly I began learning how to use it to do things like get extra servings of food for Freya. She has to eat a lot because her powers are so strong.” Smiling again she imagined Freya in the cafeteria at the testing facility on her knees thanking her for getting her extra food. “… so we were gonna try to help Hakalai… so I convinced the guards to let me out. I wasn’t in the original count for the cell in the first place so it was pretty easy. The mines, not so much…”

Bridgeport stopped this time, “why was that?”

“well,” she continued “I noticed a while ago that it required more work and concentration or extremely subtle methods to sway someone with strong convictions and I hadn’t realized that the guards wholeheartedly believed they were justly punishing a traitor. Their strong beliefs got in the way of my influencing them and aside from that if I have to work with a large group and I’m not taking it seriously its not as strong as it needs to be.”

“and so you aroused their suspicion and before things got out of hand they killed him just in case.” He nodded.


The wall ended and led into a large and wide staircase leading into the main Palace.

“Ladies, it’s time for your interrogation. I’m sure I shouldn’t have to warn you but don’t use your abilities on the King.”

“don’t worry only if there’s an emergency.”

They shortly arrived at a set of large wooden doors that led into the Palace. The Wizard stepped up holding up his identification badge upon which an engraving of his face was visible. After pausing to admire the two girls, the guards opened the doors and allowed the group inside. Davina rolled her eyes and sneered as she walked past the guards. They crossed a large chamber with stair cases to their left and right. Directly before them was the kings meeting hall with his throne and worktable.

When the group entered the hall the king looked up quickly, and did a double take. Next to his friend and master Wizard were two young ladies each appearing very different from each other and yet strikingly beautiful in their own unique ways. He dropped his pen on his worktable.

He looked at his attendant Lu, who rolled his eye feigning exhasperation. “Those girls with Yandell…are they goddesses?”

“No Your Majesty. They are girls from another world.”

King Reagan Harrumphed, “They may as well be Goddesses, i havent seen such beauty in Trolvania outside of the elf Kingdom and the only other kingdom i know of with looks like this is the Desert Kingdom.” He crossed his arms. He sat in silence for a moment, “I know what youre thinking.” He looked at his attendant from the corner of his eye and pouted, “I dont need any more troubles with ladies in the palace four is enough.”

The king stopped talking and straightened his posture. When he looked at his guests Yoko’s jaw had dropped but Davina maintained her serene expression. Yandell lowered his face to his palm thinking, This guy couldnt hold his tongue at least until the girls departed? or is he absolutely crertain that he can keep the girls against their will?

“Eh… master Bridgeport. Are these the ladies you picked up who accompanied that traitors daughter?”

“well… your highness…”

“No your highness,” Yoko cut in. She had finally recovered from that near fatal blow the king dealt. “We did not accompany that Astrid girl… Astrid is here no longer.”

Y-Yoko? Can you hear me? It was Freya.

Yoko grinned, It’s gonna be time to go wild soon, she thought before she spoke again to the King, “what I’m about to say, your highness, is something you may not believe but I will tell you anyways…”