Book One: Chapter Twenty One

Prepaing for Audience

The girl smiled. “Yep…Im from another world…” she looked a Bridgeport quizzically.

I didn’t see that one coming, no… I did… but… I knew this was a possibility. The wizard stared in space. The king still wants to see her and he might torture Me… no… he won’t do that… but sitting and listening to his threats… and she’s just a young girl.

Yoko burst into a fit of giggles. “so he will either rip out your finger nails or threaten you to death. You’re a master wizard! Can’t you spell him mute”

Davina looked back and forth between Yoko and Yandell. “Can you please let me know whats going on?” she quietly whispered to Yoko.

NO. Yoko mouthed back to Davina, who rolled her eyes and just continued looking at the pair.

“you know? I didn’t even think about that,” a thoughtful expression on his face, “wait…” I didn’t say any of that aloud.

“Well Master Bridgeport what do I need to know about your king?”

He’s an ass but as much as I’d like to tell him he could have me hang if He’s in a bad mood. “He’s not very predictable and he likes honesty,” but you have to say it kind of nicely and not offend him. “he hates when people beat around the bush or talk around things,” he doesn’t want the story of your life or anyone else’s because he’s a heartless prick. “when he asks a question simply answer it truthfully.”

And if he’s in a particular mood he might think you’re lying and ask me to do an interrogation spell on you which is quite painful… “don’t worry. I will be there with you.”

He smiled at Yoko whose face had a mischievous grin. “I think I will be just fine as long as you don’t interfere.” Bridgeport looked at her surprised. She took his warnings better than expected.

Suddenly, a knock sounded at the door. The Wizard opened the door and a tall thin woman pushed her way into the room looking around for damages. Her eyes lit upon Yoko, who had not been in the room earlier. “Master Bridgeport, we heard a commotion coming from this area. Is everything okay?” the woman spoke in a loud booming voice.

Yandell quickly responded that all was fine. After quickly shooing her from the room he told all of the servants that he was too forceful with the door and immediately repaired it. One of the servants looked at him suspiciously. She had happened to hear him shout in surprise when the incident took place. However, she did not dare speak up due to her low station.

After closing the door, Yandell turned back to the two girls. Just as he opened his mouth, Yoko held up her hand to stop him and signed that the maids stood outside the door apparently trying to eavesdrop. The three inside of the room waited for the groups footsteps to make their way down the hallway. Yoko nodded and the three finally relaxed.

Yandell gave Yoko a light applause. Davina looked like she had swallowed a fly.

Yoko was the first to speak. “You might be surprised by how much I understand people.” She glanced at Yandell cryptically.

I knew it! She won’t say it but she can hear people’s thoughts… maybe I should not think. He scratched his forehead. Yoko laughed aloud.

Never mind that. “Right I should ask one of the servants to bring you more appropriate clothing for a meeting with the King” a few moments of silence passed.

Yoko was very amused. The mage was refreshingly candid for an adult. He was also kind. She wondered what he would be like outside of the Palace where other ears weren’t around. She quietly chuckled.

She’s laughing at me. I know it.

Yoko laughed harder.

“stop listening to my thoughts little girl!” Master Bridgeport felt thoroughly exasperated.

“ok…ok… you figured me out Master Bridgeport.” She laughed again.

Yoko turned and looked at the gown, underpants,underskirt, the stockings and the fancy buckled shoes that had been prepared for Davina. The weather in Trolipolitus was not particularly warm but it also was not particularly cold. Yoko decided, “I won’t wear it even if you have someone bring it.” She grabbed her bag and found another plain white shift and new underclothes. She changed into them put on a sweater and silver flats. She let her hair down and brushed it and allowed it to hang loose to her waist. After applying lip gloss, she apologised. “I know you wanted to help but I’m sorry. I think it’s better that I get myself ready in my own way.”

The Wizard simply stood and stared at the girl, his mouth agape. Davina lowered her head to her palm. These otherworldly girls have no sense of modesty. I swear! Glancing at Yandell she spoke, “Well now that she’s ready, can you exit the room whilst I dress my self?”

Yandell slowly turned, opened and door and walked out.

After Davina dressed herself, Yoko grabbed her bag and her quiver of arrows and both girls exited the room. Yandell stood in the passageway leaning on his forehead against the opposite wall. After he slowly turned around he spoke to Yoko. “after thinking for a bit, I don’t think you should meet the king like that. It’s VERY inappropriate. You also cannot carry weapons.”

“you’re a mage. You can spell me to death if I threaten the king. If I dont wear these clothing and bring these items how would the king possibly believe I’m from another world?”

The mage doubted the success rate of using his magic against her being above fifty percent, but believed she had a point as far as presenting a convincing story about being from another world and did not argue. He continued walking. After a few moments, “Yoko tell me a bit about your world while we walk. It takes about forty minutes to walk to the main Palace.” Davina smiled with an interested expression. She also wanted to hear about the world the girls had come from.

Yoko began to relay to him information about where she was from. She talked about modern technology and even the new space stations that had been built during the twenty ninth century. She told him about cars and solar energy. She showed him her bow that she brought with her. It was made from a composite of plastic, silicone, and ceramic and the unbreakable bow string was made of an advanced form of Kevlar. She showed him a flashlight from her bag and a ninety terabite music player Freya had stolen from the testing facility. At that moment she paused and shivered for a bit, remembering their recent escape. She smiled, “well.. That’s all I will tell you about for now.. “ they continued their trip in silence.