Book One: Chapter Twenty- part three

High Wizard Yandell Bridgeport (receives a figurative and somewhat literal slap)

“hey Davina!” Yoko whispered audibly with her index finger held in front of her mouth as she stepped into the room.

Davina thought Yoko had been crushed under the statue along with Freya and Mandolin. She had been holding back her tears for a while. Suddenly they gushed forth.

The girl in front of her sighed. This little elf thinks this big sister is heartless.

“I’m. Not even crying. Why are you?” Yoko smiled, but in the back of her eyes one could see frustration and her eyes glinted. She rolled her eyes and lowered her face to the palm of her hand and said through gritted teeth.
“Are you crazy? You think I would be sitting here with a smile on my face if my sister whom I grew up with and my newly acquired little sister got smashed to death… By A GIANT STATUE?!? Are all the people in this world heartless and cruel?” she looked at Davina without the smallest trace of grief on her face.

Davina raised her head. When the girls arrived they were held tightly by Freya. It also looked like they all had an understanding, and could finish each other’s sentences. Also when they looked at each other she could see the fondness between the three. She had to agree that her reaction was illogical. Only, the average talented person in Trolipolitus was noble and Nobles were quite cruel even to their family members. Family members were merely pawns and tools used for alliances and increasing family prestige and wealth. It was rare that she saw family members especially sisters getting along so well especially when they aren’t blood related. In her mind they weren’t blood related so none of them would care if the other died. After wiping her arms on her sleeve, “they survived that?”

Just before the statue had fallen Yoko had yelled a hint to Freya. She was not fully aware of the extent of Freyas development but she had an inkling that Freya would definitely be able to do something in that situation.

As the statue fell, Freya had in fact removed the earth under herself and Mandolin and the two simply fell into the hole she had opened up while Yoko ran towards the head of the statue and curled up under the neck of the statue after it hit the ground. She was covered with dust and looked like a pile of dust formed from the statues fall and no one would notice her in the next moments where guards would arrive. Freya communicated with her telepathically, before fainting, that she was okay but was hungry and Mandolin was unconscious. Yoko also felt Freya’s will communicated within her words. Freya needed to rest and Yoko should help Davina. Yoko explained everything.

“and then after that wizard used magic to render you unconscious, I hopped and ran along the roofs next to you guys.” Pausing for a moment, Yoko looked at Davina with a mischievous grin, “you were good using a new word on that wizard!”

Davina face darkened to pink as she lowered it to her hand. She berated herself for using that word but at that moment the felt that that word the girls used had just the right mix of disdain without sounding too rough.

Yoko laughed and Davina pulled the blanket over her head.

“Eh?!?” Davina sat up surprised. She remembered what Yoko said before teasing her. Yoko had followed them to the palace. It was unfathomable that a person could follow along beside a small group including a wizard and trained knights and not be noticed.

Yoko understood what she was thinking without reading her mind. “you’re wondering why no one noticed. Ha! Before we were here the three of us went through years of training for improving our powers, fighting, politics, spying, assassination, and a bunch of other stuff normal people don’t learn. So even if they were specifically looking for me, I could easily evade.” Yoko thought a bit more and smiled. Ourantith had a weaker force of gravity which also made it easier for her to be light and agile.
Yoko suddenly said “we need to leave,” with a serious look on her face.

“Im afraid not.” Said a voice outside the door and Yoko began reading his mind just as he cast a spell but she forced his mind to weaken the spell and when she was hit with it she felt dizzy and nearly fell but she immediately recovered and kicked the door outwards towards Naury, breaking the hinges and the doorframe. Pieces of wood splintered and flew threw the air as Naury collapsed against the opposite wall.

“Shit… “ Yoko said quietly, “… I just made a bunch of noise, and you’re not even prepared to leave… “ Yoko grabbed the ponytail on the back of her head and twirled her hair around her hand while looking up. The then glanced at Davina whose peacock eyes widened in horror.

“ sorry. There’s people coming in this direction.”

Davina suddenly jumped out of bed.

“No. Take your time.” Yoko lazily said. “that guy is awake now.”

What was that just now? Thought Yandell.

“I was mad. You tried to spell me or hex me while I wasn’t aware, so I kicked the door towards you. It was kind of loud and people are coming…” Yoko leaned on a hand and scratched her ear. “the door and the frame are broken,”

Ah! She kicked me for using a dirty trick. Would she have let me put her unconscious if I opened the door first… people are coming. We dont need a scene. The wizard stood up and walked in the room. He then muttered an incantation and fixed the door. Why didn’t they run?

“Davina, Davina… if only you came from the same world as us and were trained daily almost to the brink of death. We could have run free a while ago. If only you were agile…” Yoko sighed.

So they couldn’t run because the girl I brought back is not as strong as this girl from another world.

“My name is Yoko. By the way.” She said to Yandell. Looking at Davina, “I really didn’t feel like carrying you actually. That’s why we haven’t left. I also decided that I want to see this king.” The girl drawled lazily with a contented smile on her face.

Yandell stared at Yoko for a while. He was confused. He knew that everything she said was likely true. The way she influenced his mind to render his spell useless and her kicking the four inch thick door were real. His hitting the wall and blacking out momentarily was real. She’s definitely not lying. To be this strong as a girl. There is not a single girl much less soldier in Trolvania who can disrupt my spell and not only break the door with one kick but also propel me with enough force to render me briefly unconscious. He looked at Yoko with fear in the depths of his eyes and suddenly gasped, “she wants to see the king?!?” he looked at Yoko speaking louder, “you want to see the king?”

“that’s what I said” She grinned.

“You’re called Yoko?”

“yes. I also happen to also be a girl called Kaya from this world. That’s why I can speak the language. Kaya was a weak girl who hated her village.”

Davina suddenly grabbed Yoko. “what are you talking about?”

Yoko looked at Davina and smiled. “You’re pretty quick witted.” Davina began thinking about Astrid and Freya. “Yes. The three of us who crossed over to here replaced someone who had died but I think their souls bonded with ours. Freya probably has Astrid memories and feelings inside her too. As you can see though, Freya is Freya…and she’s my sister.” The girls hazel eyes narrowed at Davina.

Yoko started to explain in depth so that Davina understood not to bother Freya or call her Astrid because they were just coming to Ourantith and Freya is a very sensitive person who hides it in order to not worry other people.

Davina Acquiesced. Freya was indeed NOT Astrid in word or behavior. Not even a bit of Astrid’s behavior or mannerisms was present in the girl. Astrid was one who was serious when things were serious and under too much stress, she couldn’t think or plan clearly. She was impulsive and fragile. The young missus was calm when things weren’t serious. Astrid was very proper in the way she addressed people and she also was a normal wizard girl by Trolvania standards. She just couldn’t use her power properly because her body could not handle it and survive for long. The one thing that is the same between the two is their intelligence.

Yandell stood to the side watching. So that’s how it is. I want to meet the other girls now.