Book One: Chapter Twenty- part two

High Wizard Yandell Bridgeport

Davina Woke a few hours later in a small room with a table at and chair at one end. On the other was the bed where she currently lay. Next to the door were several hooks. On those hooks were a clean dress underclothes, hose and a fine pair of ladies shoes. When she sat up she realized that the clothes she was wearing were gone. She suddenly panicked as she had stored quite a few important items from her home within those clothes. She jumped up and began to search the room. Eventually, as she shoved her arm a great distance under the bed she felt a bundle. After removing it and searching through it she found her old clothing and all of her possessions carefully wrapped. She sighed in relief. She looked at the clothes hanging next to the door. They were clean but she was not sure whether she could truly wear them.

Suddenly she heard feet shuffling outside the door. A young woman’s voice sounded outside of the door “she’s the girl Master Bridgeport brought in. She will see his majesty tomorrow morning…”

Davina quickly jumped into the bed and closed her eyes. In the silence that followed, she heard a knock at the door. Davina did not respond. A knock sounded again.

“didn’t that wizard say she should be awake by now? Go tell him she wont wake up and see what he says.” The woman said to another person. The other person replied in a youthful girl’s voice “yes Ma’am! “ heavy foot falls could be heard as the young girl ran away. The woman who spoke earlier continued walking down the hallway. “If she weren’t an elf here to see the king I’d have flipped her over. She’s lucky she’s a guest. I don’t understand why Bridgeport put a guest here in the servants wing though..” the woman continued grumbling to herself as she walked to a stairwell at the end of the hallway.

It was strange, Davina being a guest and also placed in a servants wing. However, this placement also showed consideration on the part of the High Wizard that had brought her there. When he looked at Davina, her looks showed that she looked more like an elf than a human. Even if she was mixed he could tell that her elf blood was strong and pure with. Her complexion was exceedingly pale and her eyes color was an impossible iridescent color only seen in the most powerful ancient elves of the northern elf continent. Her voice had a natural melodious feel and he could also see that she had learned to repress the natural mesmerizing effect she held over humans. Had she grown up and been educated in an elf kingdom, she would be extremely powerful. He could feel the power emanating from her.

Yandell could sense that her status of servant may not have been taken quite seriously by the family she “served”. He was sure the deSarto family was aware of her origins. Knowing the character of Master desarto, he was almost certain the man he’d likely attempted to contact the ancient elf kingdom. Though uncertain of Hakalais origins, he was certain that due to the man’s character he would wish to sent Davina to the place where she belonged. Technically she would have high standing and should be treated as a revered guest. However she had been reduced to the position of servant of a Trolvania family. Though he did not know much more about her, in consideration, he placed her in a room in the servants wing to lessen her anxiety before meeting the king.

Davinas anxiety however, had reached New heights.

Tomorrow morning… meet… the King? Morning…meet the KING!… THE KING!!!nooo!!! NOT THE KING!!! Davina thought to herself. She did not want to meet the King. Meeting the King was the worst idea she had ever heard.

From what she heard lately, Ithe King had been looking for new beauties as he had been tired of the queen since her pregnancy started. He had only gotten married a couple of months ago after the first queen had died. Davina knew that if it weren’t for Astrid mother the King might have taken Astrid into the palace to become groomed as a future mistress when she came of age. She knew full well that the King was so infatuated with Neferu deSarto that he did not want anything around her that would remind her of her past. Unfortunately, though Astrid did not know, Davina knew that the Missus of the house was in fact pregnant with a boy.

Unfortunately for the king, Madam De Sarto was a Desert Dweller of the Desert Kingdom. Women Desert Dwellers differed greatly from humans in terms of genetics. Pregnancies for the dessert dwellers lasted an approximation of five months longer than what human pregnancies lasted and the child she carried could be passed off as the kings. Davina chuckled to herself. Also Desert Dwellers instinctively know the gender of their future offspring. Davinas mind began to follow a more dangerous train of thought…if the king happens to favor Neferu, the position of crown prince may not be set in stone for much longer. She pitied the current Crown Prince Caster. He was the son of the first queen. He was currently away in the Celestial City where the Academy of Trolvania was located. He remained in the city even during school breaks. He was a diligent student of Sagecraft and his hard work placed him as the top student in the Sage department in the academy.

Suddenly a crash sounded from the passageway outside of her room. “didn’t I tell you that if you can’t carry it let one of the men know!” an older woman shouted.

“they just laughed at me and said I could do it my self,” replied a shaky younger voice.

“well hurry up! There is an important guest I this room according to Master Bridgeport.” Davina heard water sloshing outside the door. She deduced that a new servant was working there and had dropped a bucket of water outside of the door to Davinas room.

Davina suddenly remembered her current situation and thought: How is this lowly servant a guest now?

She suddenly panicked, but it was not due to her thoughts. The door slowly opened. Just a crack at first, but once the person pushing the door peeked through he crack they slowly and steadily pushed the door open. Davina quickly sat up. Her heart was racing but at the same time she felt a sense of relief.

“how did you?!?!?” she paused in surprise.
A small figure with brown hair and green eyes walked into the room.