Book One: Chapter Twenty- part One

High Wizard Yandell Bridgeport

Suddenly Davina heard steps approaching her from behind.

“there’s the DeSarto girl’s servant!”

A unit of armored soldiers approached.

“our goddess!” shouted a soldier.

“Einrhea! The statue!!!…”

Over two hundred soldiers ran into the area. Davina whispered “aquacondense” but just as she began forming a long whip with the water she stopped and decided to give up. Fighting all of those soldiers would be suicide. She simply sat feeling wretched.

A middle aged man with black hair and wearing a dark blue cloak rode towards the girl. “find me a wagon. I will personally escort her to the Palace.”

Three soldiers rode away on their horses. The Black haired man dismounted and walked towards the girl.

He gently held Davinas chin and held her face up to scrutinize her. “you’re quite beautiful. I had no idea that the DeSartos had yet another beauty in their home.” Davina yanked her head away and scowled at the man. He grabbed a staff from his horses saddle and gently flicked it. Davina rose from the ground. Walking around her floating form, his eyes widened in surprise. He felt a powerful aura radiating from her. But more like elf magic, he thought. Suddenly realizing that his actions might have given the girl the impression that he was a slave trader, he backed away from her. He was simply curious and wasnt paying attention to himself.

Davina did not know what to think. She wanted to run but she was frightened and she knew she was also weak. To face that man who she knew was a High Wizard (a rank that few wizards could attain) was like making a death wish or volunteering to be disabled and never able to practice magic for life.

“I’m Yandell Bridgeport. I’m a Wizard that works under the King. I normally travel throughout the country and investigate various matters and I happened to be in Trolipolitus today.”

What a crook. He probably knew what was going to happen.

He took a few steps backward since Davina looked at him apprehensively. “I was sent our by King Reagan to investigate things here… Were you with anyone else?”

“three girls from the other world?… And three traitors.” Davina replied as if looking at a phantom in the distance.

“From another world?”

“uhn… another world…” She replied dazedly.

“where are the girls you were with?” the wizard asked.

Davina pointed towards the collapsed statue on the ground. “Under, ” She replied.

When two seers had first gone to see the King to tell him about a girl coming from another world, the wizard was present and he did not take them seriously. However this young girl talked about girls from mother world. He also heard the report from the prison guards and a few wizards that were present said she used a power they couldn’t identify. This report greatly piqued the Kings interest. It seemed that the seers who had come to warn him about foreign visitors were legitimate seers. Even if the visitor was from Ourantith the fact that they were using some unknown power is good enough to classify as otherworldly.

“King Reagan will want a full account of what happened. I know you were not technically a prisoner and you shouldn’t be obligated to share anything, but since you were there…” the wizard sighed.

I thought he didn’t care about them. He said the kingdom was just fine and there was no need to worry. Davina thought. “Then why are we here talking still?” she said.

The wizard grimaced. “our great King is expecting a certain amount of information related to both the attack on the city and our foreign visitors…” Why am I telling her this?

“well I guess I should go and see the king. It’s my duty after all.” Davina sighed.

“mmm… I agree… “ replied the wizard.

Davina face suddenly changed. “did you think I was really going to . I am not going. If agree with you and just go? If the King listened to Pomeroy and Lucinda and halted the execution of Mr. DeSarto he would have no reason to worry about the girls arriving…” she grabbed her hair and she looked a bit perplexed. “… when I think about it, those two went to see the king and after they left the girls came from Earth…” she began to pace back and forth. “if the King made a different decision… Astrid would have stayed dead here… did she switch places with Freya?… What about the or hers…” the more Davina spoke the deeper she began to think and the more incomprehensible her words became.

“… but maybe Freya is alive since those girls came from a world that seems pretty incredible, but if she is mistaken for Freya… no… she has Violet eyes and she doesn’t have that picture…” she rambled in when suddenly light flashed before her eyes and suddenly everything went black. Just before she cometely passed out words from her new friends exited her mouth, “you prick! Used… magic…”

A soldier caught Davina just before she hit the ground. I will take her to the palace. “You come with us,” he said to the soldier.