Book One: Chapter Nineteen

Outside the Prison

Davina and Pal led their group of seven out of the prison. As they exited, other prisoners who had been released dispersed in different directions. In the distance the loud booms from burning rocks flung over the city walls and onto homes and businesses rang through the air. The attackers were coming from the south-western gate of the city. “we are supposed to exit through there.” Pal said to her companions.

Pal led the group through the maze-like streets of Trolvania. The city was in fact built like a gigantic labyrinth with several smaller labyrinths within. As they moved further towards the city gate and away from the prison more and more people were headed towards the prison. Freya noticed however, that there was more than the prison there. The prison actually took up a section of the city across the road from the Royal palace gate. Citizens were likely seeking refuge within those palace walls.

In the distance shouts androars could be heard. Sounds such as Stone crashing agaiunst Stone were heard. As they continued the smell of burning buildings spread through the air with the light breeze. The air was becoming more and more Misty. Though their “captors” believed that their captives from another world would be completely disoriented. Our friends from Earth could see quite well even through the mist, especially Freya and Mandolin.

The group continued walking through the crowded streets towards the southwest gate. Most other passers by were walking steadily towards the Palace. Most of those people who appeared looked wealthy in Freyas eyes. While those people were dressed in silks brocades and tailored suits many were aaccompanied by servants dressed in beige and white or brown and white servant uniforms.

Some of those Nobles stopped at estates that were in that area around the Palace to seek refuge with friends and family. Those estates had personally trained guards protecting their lands. Many of those “friends” had no room for the servants accompanying those seeking refuge. Those servants gathered and continued walking towards the palace hoping to seek refugee there.

Two hours had passed as our group of ladies slowly made their way through the labyrinth passing by families and children making their way towards the Palace. Freya noticed they were slowly working their way to their left which meant that the Palace and buildings around it were in the eastern edge of the city while the gate across from it was to the west. As she walked she began to get a feel for the structure of the city, she could almost see it as though she were looking at a three dimensional diagram set onto a matrix. She began to notice that the streets were configured like a labyrinth. In fact several labyrinths were set throughout the city separated by a few blocks of grid like streets that followed along the outside of the labyrinths. If their group wanted to find a quick route to the gate they would need to get to the outer edge of the city. The problem with that was that she did not want to share this information with their captors. As they moved further away from the palace -which was already a great distance away, the fighting and destruction entering the city became clearer. Ocassionally a stone appeared flying through the air crashing into a building. Freya kept looking closely at everything going on. She could see people running towards the palace. Soldiers were coming from the direction of the palace and making their way towards the disturbance. However, those soldiers were not enough to stop the invaders’ advance. In the air Freya finally saw how the first were starting. In the air she saw a large Wyvern, use it’s legs to throw a boulder towards a group of buildings and seconds later the rock was lit ablaze by fire exhaled from the monster.

Soon they entered an area of the city that was less pristine than the areas closer to the Palace. As they continued they saw a temple dedicated to a goddess. The building was crafted from black marble. At the southeast corner of the temple was a set of wooden doors at the top of steps made from gray marble. In front of the stairway was a six foot statue of a woman carved out of black marble with floor length hair. Her eyes were large and her irises appeared to be carved from a large amber stone. In the center of her forehead was a large clear gemstone. they continued walking for what felt like a mile to Freya they paused at the center of the temple where a large plaza with a circle made from slabs of gray brown and black marble in front of two great gray stone doors. There were benches along the outer perimeter of the circle and in the middle of the circle was the statue of a woman. She appeared to be twenty-five meters tall. This woman’s large eyes were surrounded by long lashes her irises were made of a shiny red stone. Her hair was knee length, wild and curly and on the top of her head was a brass circlet made of three connected rings that dipped in the middle of her forehead and inlaid with with a deep purple stone and a teardrop setting over the third eye inlaid with a deep blue stone. She wore a kaftan of bronze with floral designs etched into the garment with brass and silver stripes at her neck line and around the edges of her elbow length sleeves. It was the goddess Einrhea -Ayn-ree-uh. There were many deities in Trolvania various regions had their own deity that was associated with the resources or land formations of the locale. However all Trolvanians recognized Einrhea and in Trolipolitus most of the people only believed in this Goddess Einrhea. Trolipolitus is the main city where electrum was mined, varius other metals were mined and refined there and weapons forged. Einrhea was the goddess of fire and of Ores.

“Goddess Einrhea bless us all,” Pal said in a solemn tone. She slightly turned towards the statue and bowed her head. Though she was not from Trolipolitus the people in her region believed that they could not live if Einrhea did not bless them. Her two companions repeated “bless us all.” They continued walking past the statue.

Mandolin held Freyas hand and continued to stare at the statue transfixed. Mandolin first looked at the kaftan the designs on the goddess’s dress first appeared to be flowers. Freya tightened her grip on Mandolins hand and pulled, but Mandolin stood frozen in place. She realized that those designs were flames. Suddenly she saw Freya and herself surrounded by flames. Slowly she noticed a scream had sounded through the air, only to realize it was her own voice. Freya hugged her close smoothing her hair down her back. Attempting to lift Mandolin who suddenly became very heavy, he hands slipped away and she had to step back to keep from falling.

Yoko was the first to react next. She heard a thought about destroying the temple of Einrhea. As she quickly maneuvered out of her captors grasp she ran towards Freya and Mandolin. Suddenly an ear splitting boom sounded from the Temple as a gigantic Boulder crashed through it and hit the back of the statue. The statue broke at the knees. Their captors quickly ran southwest and away from the statue while Mandolin was still unable to move. Yoko shouted “Freya! Below!” Freya moved towards Mandolin and without thinking she placed the palms of her hands together as though in prayer as her heart and mind imagined a void appear below herself and mandolin. That was the last thing Davina and their captors saw as dust and rubble diffused through the air and the statue fell over.

Davina collapsed to the ground as the strength left her legs. She moved her mouth but not a single sound left her lips.

Pal released Davina. “I guess that prophecy was bogus…” chuckling to herself, she grabbed the girl that Yoko had thrown to the ground and continued towards the southwestern gate. “What a waste.”

Davina remained seated on the ground staring towards the dust and rubble that began to settle.