Book One: Chapter Seventeen

Escape Plan part II: Digesting the information about this new world

Freya was almost in tears -not of sadness but frustration. Yoko was the only one who could tell by looking at her sister. Mandolin sat next to Freya looking uncomfortable and confused.

I’m guessing from Freya’s face that she has just heard something so beyond logic that she cant make heads or tails of anything, Yoko thought.

Lucinda and Pomeroy were looking on. “she’s only Fourteen . She must be bored by now” Lucinda reached through the prison bars trying to rub Freya on the back.

“The problem is that the history of this world is one of THE most EPIC and exciting adventure stories I have ever heard in my entire life.” The story even included a damsel in distress and a legion of magic knights. “I really dont know…” Freya sighed. “I have to review the story again in my mind to find the truth between the lines but I have learned one very important fact…”

“Yes,” said Mandolin. “The fact is that the government of Trolvania absolutely will not allow the true history of this world be known to anyone-in trolvania at least-and has gone so far as completely eradicating any trustworthy source of information about Ourantith history.” What Mandolin was referring to as trustworthy sources, were the “True Scribes” present on the northern portion of the Abrborethia continent-which was the empire of Trolvania. We will learn more about “True Scribes” later in this story.

Freya looked at Yoko with a resigned expression. “The stories they have indoctrinated the population with are…epic…in any case I dont even know how to deal with this. Were stuck here…in this world…and after just an hour of listening…” she gently shook her head and grimaced.

“Aye! what to do?” Mandolin responded “The Ourantithians are probably so used to it they dont even realize the history has a few thousand gaping holes in it.”

The history or Ourantith is in fact incomplete and full of gaping holes. It was mainly about the nation of Trolvania and limited knowledge about other parts of the world based on a handful of people who managed to travel outside the country and survive to tell the tale. Unfortunately of that handful, some returned less sane than they were when they departed.

“there there, Frey. It will take some time but I’m sure we can get used to it.” Mandolin sighed.

Freyas husky voice rose in volume “what are you talking about!” she screeched “it’s not like its just one extra hour of ridiculousness their entire history is a epic tale…think about it!”

Mandolin did think. She also knew there was one other thing that made Freya very upset and the only reason Freya did not mention it was because there was no physical way to change their reality. Their new reality included new time standards and units of measurement.

Yoko walked over to Freya and before she said anything Mandolins voice Interrupted.

“it’s not just the history. I’m sure you havent noticed because you have been so occupied with hearing lots of different peoples thoughts but to put it simply:
one hour here on Ourantith is approximately, one and one third of an hour on Earth. A full Ourantith day lasts fourty-four Ourantith hours so that is approximately, seventy eight earth hours or three days and six hours… only a second is longer than what we know. It really makes one consider the ideas of space and time and how time is directly related to space…”

“Let’s forget about physics for now…” Yoko started thinking about what Mandolin told her and her expression slowly changed from one of intense concentration to one of shock. “…no…wait lets get back to the physics lesson…”

Yoko looked Mandolin in the eyes with a serious expression. “How long was I gone?”

“it was about two and a half hours…” said Pomeroy

“no.” Yoko interrupted. She wanted Earth hours. “Mandolin. How long have I been gone?”

“well…” said the young girl who understood exactly what Yoko was asking, “all I can say is that we listened to a good four or five hour epic tale with gaping holes on the history of Trolvania post-troll repression-PTR for short.”

Freya looked at Yoko “Yoko… were in a completely different world.” They knew it when they first arrived but they only then began to understand what that entailed. It was not just a new place, but also a new time standard, a whole new system. It was not as simple as dealing with jet lag. They did not even know how their bodies and minds would be able to adjust to this new world.

Yoko looked at Freya with her mouth slightly open. She nodded.

Freya thought for a few moments, if we want to save Hakalai before they take him away to prepare for the mid day execution, we have maybe twelve more Ourantith hours, which is…”

“A long ass time.” Yoko replied while clenching her teeth.

Earlier that day, after Yoko had left the prison. Pomeroy and Lucinda began sharing information on Trolvania starting from the first King. The marvelous tale of the first king and how he established the kingdom of Trolvania with the Dragonsbane knights lasted a over an hour. They by the time they got to the fourth king, both girls noticed that the third king and all events during his reign were left out. Freya gradually became confused and impatient. After a couple more hours passed she clenched her teeth and listened more intently in the eyes of Pomeroy and Lucinda -and in Mandolins eyes, more incredulously.

Mandolin explained the rest of the events that occurred while Y oko was gone—which included Freyas praying to a God worshipped during ancient times on earth, while Mandolin remained in a perplexed state for the next half hour –or perhaps fifteen Ourantith minutes? After recounting blow for blow that range of expressions that crossed Freyas face, Mandolin made the best suggestion she had made that entire day. “Let’s sleep.” Yoko was still tired from her long trek through the capital. The three girls did not have the capacity to form any escape plan at the moment. Freya still needed more rest Yoko knew they would have gotten out of the prison earlier if Freya had the energy to escape and fight. In any case the escape plan would include what would happen after the girls would leave the prison as Freya would simply force the cell open and they could easily walk out. All three girls were more or less combat trained. Moving past the few prison guards was childsplay for them. Retrieving Hakalai from the mines was the real obstacle.

Throughout these events the three other prisoners still lay asleep in the cell. Perhaps they decided to stay in bed until noon? What an idea!