Book One: Chapter Sixteen

Escape plan part I

It is at this point in this tale where our three visitors from Earth begin to understand the new reality they are facing. The reality of this world known as Ourantith, a world in a galaxy far far away from our milky way galaxy. Our three young heroines are in a hurry to prepare for their escape which they expected to execute quickly after Freya gathered the details of the country from the old couple and the any information Yoko can glean from her trip outside the prison. Lucinda and Pomeroy had told them the execution would take place at mid day. Thus far our three visitors felt the passage of several hours and felt pressed for time and speed.

Pomeroy and Lucinda’s lecture began to exceed an hour, as they did a bit of storytelling about the government in Trolvania. Freya steadily became more and more frustrated–the couples narrative was more like an exaggerated heroic tale with plenty of drama and epic effects. Meanwhile, our friend Yoko was enjoying a peaceful morning of reconnaissance work.

While Yoko heard plenty of information through her mind reading abilities, she also tried to establish a mental map of the places the voices in her mind discussed. Occasionally she would hear someone talking about how it would be thirteen or so hours before midday it did not quite register. Even as she walked around the central government buildings and ministries which were all exceptionally large buildings and covered a space of several miles, Yoko, who did not feel fatigued, also did not notice how much time passed because she had her volume turned up sky high and she was listening while also looking at her environment. She had to climb a steep hill before she arrived at the mines where slaves were mining electrum—which she heard along the way. She had passed two orchards and a vineyard as well as an equestrian field, where she stopped to watch the riders and horses perform for a few moments. She did worry about the time, however when she asked one of the Ourantithians for the time she relaxed when they told her that it was the tenth hour of the day. Her mind went slightly numb for a moment as she experienced a moment of confusion, but she suspected that her hyper aware state was the cause of her overestimating the time which had passed.

It was half past the tenth hour when Yoko finally stumbled upon the mines and it was a quarter until the eleventh hour when Yoko was able to spot the prison where the slaves resided. Yoko stopped one of the guards who she influenced to share the time with her and she found that since the last time she had checked only three quarters of an hour had passed. She felt quite proud of herself for having seen so much within approximately two hours. Still, Yoko had a nagging feeling that something was not right. The sun happened to be much lower in the sky than she had expected. She decided to “convince” the guards to help her tour the mines and the prison. They even took her to see where Hakalai was kept in his cell. However, much to her chagrin she was not able to persuade them to let her meet the man much less leave the area to have brunch with him. Their sense of duty had likely caused them a great disturbance that dispelled her power. However before they became more suspicious, Yoko managed to confuse them enough so they would not recognize her face much less remember that she had come looking for Hakalai.

While all of these events had happened the actual amount of Earth time that had passed was approximately five hours as one would measure on Earth. Ourantith happens to be eight times the size of earth. Its rotation on its axis takes much longer than the earth’s rotation and its voyage around the sun takes much longer than the earth’s voyage through the milky way. Even the measurement of a second is slightly longer than an earth second.

If one were to count in seconds the time for the seconds would best be counted out: one-one million one hundred thousand, two one million one hundred thousand, and so on. Now this one difference barely illustrates the rate at which time passes in Ourantith. Especially because for the people of Ourantith activities are often carried out at a leisurely pace. Their bodies are much more dense than the bodies of “Earthlings” and they move slower. We will discuss this gravitational phenomenon of Ourantith later. However, let it suffice to say that during the two hours that Yoko spent pleasantly strolling towards the mines and visiting the prison, the equivalent number of Earth Hours that passed, exceeded the time standard in Ourantith. While we might think to ourselves that any normal earthbound person would know much more time has passed-according to Earth standards-it is important to note that Yoko is in fact, NOT, a normal person in any sense of the word.

Therefore, while Freya and Mandolin were in the prison and listening to multiple earth hours of the miraculous adventure story recorded in text books as the “Real History of Ourantith”, Yoko had been enjoying her scenic walk through Trolipolitus.

However, Yoko’s sense of time eventually caught up with her. After asking a random passerby for the time, she has only then realized that she had little time before she must return to the prison from whence she came and help break three people from the prison and save Hakalai before he is taken to the chopping block. In a flurry of confusion and haste Yoko ran at a break neck speed taking only one half hour—that is a little under one earth hour—to return to the prison by half past the eleventh hour.

Upon returning to the prison cell Yoko was met with a comedic scene…

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