Book One: Chapter Thirteen

Meeting the Seers

“its too late. Everything’s started and you are already caught in this.” Said the old woman.

“Lucinda. Right?” Yoko winked.

The woman looked at Yoko slightly confused, then nodded.

“so you’re the seers we learned about you two before we got here. You went to see the king?”

Both the man and woman looked at each other with a perplexed expression. “Yes we are seers and we went to see the king.”

Mandolin stood up “Right. About that. What happened when you saw the king who I assume is a greedy and lascivious man who wishes to be supreme only using his own ingenuity…”

“or lack thereof.” Cut in Pomeroy.

“so how was your meeting with the king? What was he like?”

Freya sat in silence she was struggling internally. Everyone could see it she gripped the edge of her white Cotton shift her knuckles a lighter shade of bronze stretching her skin. She always wanted to be a heroine like in the novels she read and she figured it would be a hell of a lot better than running from the facility that wanted to keep her entrapped for the rest of her life and would perhaps resort to extremely harsh experimentation after her grand display of power. She was also able to use her powers despite the restraining devices used. She was definitely on their shit list. She was planning on breaking out of their current medieval-like prison that very evening and she would be on the run but at least she wouldn’t be kept in a lab if she got caught and there was no prison that could hold her anyways. She was leaning forward and to those around her she appeared very strained.

“ah… young lady?”

“It’s Freya dear. I foresaw…”

“Right. FREYA dear….” Mandolin and Davina chuckled.

Pomeroy continued as though nothing funny happened, “… If you think this is too much for you, you can always remain hidden in another land and never interact with the rest of this world. If you want to live in peace then…”

“but then the empire of Trolvania is trying to dominate the world and they will really want to find her soon. Right?” Mandolin interjected.

Pomeroy nodded “you’re wrong there. The King cares not whether this girl exists. He does not take prophecies seriously so…Freya. The choice is yours.”

“do you have a stomach ache?” Yoko added. Mandolin giggled.

Everyone stood in silence looking at Freya. Waiting.

“I’M SO EXCITED! I’VE ALWAYS IMAGINED BEING THE HEROINE IN A FANTASY WORLD BUT THIS ISN’T FANTASY! I WANNA SEE DRAGONS AND MAGIC AND STRANGE ANIMALS!…ahem… I mean… since were here, we may as well help the people in this world…” she grabbed her friends hands and they looked at her smiling.

“she’s excited about being in a fantasy world,” Mandolin sighed while shaking her head.

Yoko smiled “she’s not even thinking about the danger. Like this is a virtual reality rpg or something,” she said under her breath. Raising her chin towards a confused Pomeroy, “Its not a problem.”

“aside from that,” Freya cut in, “knowing my luck, even if it’s not the king SOMEONE will hear the prophecy and look for me…” she was interrupted by a loud cough as one of the sleeping inmates rolled onto her side apparently having an enjoyable dream.

The old man sputtered “… I thought this might be overwhelming for the young lady.”

Mandolin cut him off “young lady? This girl is a monster. She’s probably already decided how we will break out of here today.”

“I’ve really started planning how we bust outta here,” Freya whispered to Mandolin.

“yeah. So can you go on with your tale about the King?” Yoko brushed her hair off her shoulder, tossed her head and crossed her arms looking at the old couple.

“… w-well the king was angry and sent us out. We weren’t even sure exactly what the prophecy meant but we knew that if he didn’t release that man last night this world would take on many painful changes.”

Pomeroy recalled the journey to Trolipolitus from the border town called Daybreak it was barely outside the border of the dark land of Nighthaven.

Oh God, Yoko, this is like a cheesy fantasy novel.

Yoko snickered. And Pomeroy paused. Mandolin looked at Freya who seemed hyper focused on Pomeroy, she had a slight smirk on her face. Mandolin shrugged.

They had requested an audience on the same night the three girls arrived. They met him only a few hours before their arrival from Earth. The King accepted their request and decided to meet them in his personal chamber rather than in the court room. In the end it seemed as though the king had called them to his chamber for the sake of mocking them asking “how could you possibly know of a future that has yet to take place?” He shushed Pomeroy and Lucinda gave them each a gold coin and thanked them for their entertainment, “however Mr. Hakalai deSarto is a traitor, and he must die…. I think I will move up the execution to tomorrow, and then we will decide who his daughter will be enslaved by…. Definitely not in my Palace.”

“what a dick!” said Mandolin. The old couple and Davina stared at her looking confused at her word choices. The sleeping bodies on the floor stirred

“wait… he’s being executed today?” Freya asked. Her eyes wide with shock. “wait… he should have more time.”

Everyone became silent, a feeling of apprehension took over the group. After a deep sigh Freya spoke. “So because you two guys went to see the king, all of this got set in stone.”

Lucindas face stretched into a grimace. Pomeroy moved his mouth, but uttered no words. He only just realized he may have erred in judgment, but decided not to explain himself to the child.

Freya looked over at the two and sighed again. “you two don’t need to feel bad. What I’m saying is things happened as they were supposed to. You two were likely supposed to see the King who wouldn’t care about what you said and still kill Hakalai. I’m not really sure about anything else so far… we will play it by ear I guess?”

Freya felt terribly confused at the moment. She felt as though she was a fool who was sent out to act a part with a completed story line. The real life adventure was now a script and pre planned by some other force. It was unfair to her. She wondered whether it would change if she decided to go back to where she had come from. It seemed as though Yoko, Mandolin and Clyde weren’t mentioned in the prophecy which made her wonder whether things would be different because of their unplanned arrival. Then again their arrivals may have been planned but not mentioned. It didn’t make sense.

Yoko interrupted “well… it’s not like we’re eager to go back where we came from… but if we could save a life, we would much rather do that.” The other two nodded.

“where are they keeping Hakalai?” asked Freya, ignoring the fact that Pomeroy looked like a fish gasping to breathe out of the water.

Lucinda looked at Freya with a sad expression. “they have placed him with the slaves for the mines. Their quarters are like prison cells and the building where they stay is guarded even more heavily than the Palace.”

Yoko huffed with her hands on her hips. “well you haven’t witnessed us in action. We can take that prison down any day.”

“Yoko. Try and gather Intel on the prison. Mandolin, we need to figure out a tentative plan. When Yoko is back we can make a real plan.”

Lucinda and Pomeroy looked at each other surprised. “When she comes BACK?”

“Freya dear. Is there any way we can help?” Lucinda asked.

“well for one can you call a guard here?” Said Yoko.

Thanks Yoko. I didn’t want anyone to know what kind of powers I have yet.

No shit? Well…I figured that…we don’t know the motives of everyone outside…or inside this cell…

Freya realized then that Yoko had also noticed their cell mates were feigning sleep.

I wonder whether Mandolin noticed.

Nope. She’s got her nose in that book.

Freya nodded and focused on the seers. She gave both seers a serious look. “Please if you could, get us clothes…mens or boys clothes… and belts and jackets.” She sat thinking more then she pulled out a piece of paper. “Mandolin. Give me your foot. You need shoes.” She traced Mandolins foot on the paper and gave the sheet of paper and one of her ballet flats to the old couple. “Yoko and I wear shoes this size. Can you get these things for us?”

Lucinda had a look of concern on her face, “dear, I don’t think we have the money for this, but we can try.”

Freya took the story book from Davina , and flipped through a few pages. “ok I was right…”she said in a low quiet voice, “if you cannot get everything you might be able to go to the Hidden Lake Canteen and ask for help.—”

“That’s right! Aenwhar works there! Take this.” Davina gave the old woman a charm bracelet with charms made from the letters of a strange script. “it’s my name written in an ancient script, Astrids father taught me.” Both Freya and Yoko were surprised. They had been speaking at a low volume to the couple. Davina shouldn’t have heard them. Yoko immediately grabbed Davina’s wrist and pulled her towards the entrance of the cell where the couple stood.

“you need to keep your voice down,” Yoko whispered in her ear.

The old woman smiled and held up the bracelet. “this just might come in handy.”

The couple left to find clothing for the girls. Yoko talked the guards into letting her out of the cell. Freya decided to nap a bit more while Mandolin talked to Davina about the magic of Ourantith.

By the time the couple had returned, Davina determined that Mandolin was compatible with fire sorcery while Freya watched in fascination. Yoko had not yet returned. She was gathering intelligence on Hakalai and the location where he was confined. Freya turned to the old couple.

“I need you to tell me as much important information as you can about this world and its lands.”

“young lady!… How would this….. You couldn’t possibly remember every…”

“I’m a genius old man” she replied.

“oh. Forget the other genius here too. I’m only ten after all, “ cut in Mandolin, “this seems like an archaic place where you think women are weak and stupid and children who aren’t from rich families are worse then ignorant, but I guarantee we will remember every single thing you tell us kind sir.”

“um… “ a voice sounded from within the cell. It was Davina. “… I may be able to help… Astrid…sorry Freya…. Astrids dead now and did no wrong. No one in our family did wrong.”

Freya understood. She read what happened. The deSartos were a kind family that had been torn apart and probably did nothing deserving it. But Freya did not want to bring someone along who was only good for cooking and cleaning. “if all you’re gonna do is whine, cook, and nag us that won’t help.”

Davina smirked “I at least know more about this city and kingdom than you do. Even though my magic is not very strong now I haven’t had much training so I WILL become stronger… this country… my family wanted to make this country more prosperous have more people working and innovating in specialized fields and creating quality items everyone could use…no more slavery, and freeing the trolls and paying them for labor….” She lowered her voice, “Astrid told me about some of the history. I mean the true history. If anyone knew they would kill her,” her expression was serious and edged with fear.

Freya nodded, “please tell me about it once we settle down.” Her mood improved a bit after hearing Davina vent. She didn’t quite understand what the other girl was saying but had a little inkling of an idea.

During all of the events that took place the other three prisoners in the cell lay in the hay on the floor “sound asleep”.