Book One: Chapter Twelve

in the meantime, Clydesdale…

The streets were small and dark. Though Clyde had drawn a map he was unable to map out the intricate patterns of the streets. In fact Trolipolitus turned out to be quite a large city. It was larger than any he had ever seen. He spent hours within the same district. No signs of sunrise appeared though it felt as though he had spent an entire night walking. After several hours walking he found a main street which connected to other main streets and would lead him to the prison.

After several more hours he saw the first glimmers of sunrise. Unable to continue though, he found a small alley leading from the road. A short way into the alley he found an abandoned shack and slept on a pile of hay on the stone floor. His sleep was fitful. Now and then he saw pieces of scenery he was not familiar with. At times he saw dragons. The scenery would change until he found himself in a tavern talking to a man who looked like he might have been an elf. He also heard Freya calling to him for a little while. He responded to her informing her that he was fine. Shortly following it seemed as though Freya had begun speaking again but her words were cut off.

When he awakened it was past mid day. As he continued making his way through the maze of streets his fear began to rise. The sun was high in the sky and shops were open. Some shops looked as though they were repaired recently and every now and then he would come across an empty lot. It appeared the former establishments in these lots were piles of complete rubble. Every now and then when he came upon a major street, he would see soldiers stopping at varioius shops and asking the shop owners a few questions. Clyde walked into one such shop, a small cafe, and when the waitress -an adorable girl who looked the same age as Mandolin- came to serve him, he began his query.

“Good, morning?!?” he felt a bit confused and his server seemed to notice. She smiled and nodded.

“Good morning sir. I’m Cendira. How may I help you?”

“I’m sorry to bother you, but why are the soldiers in the streets?” The concerned look on his face made the girl smile.

“Theyre looking for a young girl and a few wizards. Two of the girls…em…” Cendira struggled to remember “Ah! Fray, and Yoko. They disappeared after the ball at the Castle… at least thats the rumor. Others say that they died at the hands of the king. The others fled… well Im sure that if the two girls were alive, then they soldiers would be looking for them as well…” Cendira stopped short.

Clydes face went deathly pale. His hands began to shake. “When did this happen?”

“It was five days ago.”

Clyde rubbed his hands together and asked the question that had been eating at him since he had awoken.

“Was this city attacked by a few lords?”

“That’s old news sir. Though it happened months ago there are still some families who could never recover and some are only recently able to repair their businesses…. sir?”

The young mans mouth was agape and his whole body shook. A single tear fell from one eye as it all hit him. He had seen no visions of the future since he had arrived there. None of the girls appeared. The city did in fact look to be recovering from some kind of catastrophe. Both facts had been nagging him. perhaps it was the stress he experienced over the past day and also the shock. He wanted to inquire about his sister since there were people searching for her, but he couldnt speak. He was thinking about the two girls that the soldiers were not searching for and he was trying to figure out how everything turned out the way it did. it became obvious that he had arrived a few months in the future from when the girls arrived and during the time he had missed, many terrible things happened. Clyde’s mind went blank and for him, time stopped.