Book One: Chapter Ten

Through Space and Time


Eight bodies lay in the prison cell. Two were dead five were sleeping. Over the past two days Astrid and one other prisoner became ill. Perhaps because she was so heartbroken at recent events Astrid had no will to live. In any case neither she nor the other prisoner lived.

The silver haired girl alerted the guards after Astrid’s death but it was late in the evening. After the other prisoner passed away she did not bother calling the guards again. They just checked to make sure the girls were truly dead and said they would come back in the morning for the body. The other prisoners were still asleep while the silver haired girl wept until she finally blacked out from stress and exhaustion.

A few hours later a bright glow came from the cell. The corpses and two prisoners suddenly disappeared and three figures clothed in white appeared two were carrying duffel bags and belts with weapons. One wore a belt with a pouch of pellets attached to it.

Freya woke first. However, when she saw the bars on one side of the room and the dirty straw covered floor she assumed she was having a dream. She mumbled to herself about never getting to ride horses before she unconsciously wrapped her arms tightly around Yoko and Mandolin and slept against the wall.


Somehow Clyde ended up in a completely different location than the three girls. He slowly climbed from the horse trough he had ended up landing in. After walking to a nearby barn, he changed out of his wet clothes. He placed his pack on the ground next to him moving. After removing a sharp knife and mirror from his bag he shaved off his hair until one could barely see the dark stubble. Like his sister Mandolin, he had silver colored hair and silver eyes. After removing his contact lenses – which were green, he put on a new pair of boots. He did not want to believe his precognition of the current events but when he arrived at the armory with Yoko Freya and Mandolin and saw them interact the exact same way he had envisioned he became certain that though it seemed impossible and outlandish his visions were accurate.

Not long before he had decided to leave the facility he had two terrifying visions. His sister ended her own life during an unsuccessful escape attempt. She hadn’t even been able to meet him of call him “brother”. He also saw a future for their world far worse than his sister dying. He had a vision showing him that if they did not escape soon, the facility would discover his abilities. Somehow, his abilities were connected to Freya. Freya would be tortured and enslaved not even enjoying the little freedoms a trained adult soldier would receive. However, this would result in a tragedy, not only for people in the facility but on a grander scale.

Either way its better than staying in that hell. He returned from his brief reverie. From his pocket, he removed a waterproof/fireproof document bag. I forgot to give Mandolin her things, he thought as he looked at his pack.

The Farm where he had landed was fairly small. It was nothing close to the type of farms that mass produced vegetables and animal meats loaded with chemicals and genetically altered to contain nutrients they did not normally contain. The house looked interesting. It was a building with three floors and bay windows all around. The field would have covered a city block and part of it had been taken up by the barn Clyde currently used for shelter.

Clyde withdrew a map from the document bag. He drew the map based on his precognition. He hoped that he would be able to prevent any bad occurrences in the future. The only way he could do that would be to meet Yoko before she goes to the castle. The vision was a bit fuzzy when he was back at the facility. Unfortunately, he was unable to see anything since he and the girls escaped the facility. He still did not know whether his actions would prevent any mishaps. Stepping outside the barn, Clyde looked into the sky and gasped as he saw two crescent moons in the sky. After closing his eyes and shaking his head he looked skyward and found that he had seen correctly. There were two crescent moons, side by side, one a bit larger than the other. In another day a third crescent would appear in the sky. Clyde, unaware of this fact, returned his eyes to the map he was carrying.

Locating Trolipolitus central prison on the map, he began to make his way through winding streets some crowded with houses and in some places there were large manors and other small farms. It was a great distance from where he was and the prison. When he had his visions he was often confused by the streets. There were several labyrinth-like areas of the city that he knew to avoid. As he made his way towards the prison he wondered how far he would be traveling. He knew the common unit of the mile from earth but he was very lost in this world.


Chapter 10.5
The Prophecy begins

An old couple was walked through the city near the prison. Sometime near midnight they heard desperate cries. A prisoner had died but the guards would not remove the body. They two looked at each other and nodded. They continued strolling around the central government buildings hoping they would come across someone who would help them. However after a few hours they saw that their efforts would be fruitless. From area where the prison stood, they saw a bright glow and a few seconds later it faded. They glanced at each other and knew. It was too late.

“She is reborn…”Lucinda whispered.

“yes. This chain of events cannot be stopped”

Both had gone to the castle to warn King Reagan, but the King refused to accept what they said or do anything.


On the fifth floor of the Trolipolitus witches guild Leonidas suddenly awoke from his light slumber. He was having trouble going to sleep the whole night. He wished he was unaffected by the recent events in Trolipolitus but he felt restless for the entire week. He couldn’t stay calm when he actually cared about one of the people affected by recent events.

Looking out the window he saw a bright light. As he focused his sight more intensely, he zoomed in from his position ten vauts away—approximately twenty four miles on earth. The light came from one of the cells in the Trolipolitus Prison. A few seconds passed and the light had faded. Suddenly, he heard a whisper.

We will meet soon…

After waiting to hear more he decided it was time to try going to sleep and he took another hour or so to go to sleep. His dreams were filled with flames, ice, darkness and rushing water. Many visions passed through his mind of mountains, dark lands, nations with peace and many different peoples. When he awoke the next morning, he could barely remember what he dreamed about. However at the end of his dream one thing stood out. A girl with long dark hair and deep burgundy eyes.