Book One: Chapter Nine

Returning to 6:00 AM girls barracks, ESP testing facility

“What kind of story was that? What kind of cheesy dialogues were those?”

“what do we do Yoko? “ asked Freya with a look of desperation in her eyes.

“we have to wait until Monday. “

And as loud laughter rang throughout the sterile space Yoko opened her wardrobe. “Let’s go work out. ” Freya looked in Yoko’s wardrobe smiling and suddenly the entire facility had a blackout and a few seconds after the emergency generator began to kick in it kicked back off immediately. Suddenly Freya was holding up two fingers and between her fingers was a bright spark of electricity.

“you could do THIS?!? You’re amazing Freya!”

“this is nothing. Get the bags! Quick!”

Yoko grabbed two bags that Freya filled during the seconds of darkness. They contained items Freya felt useful for their escape and survival thereafter including Freya’s secret stockpile of electronics devices. She handed one duffel to Freya and both girls exited their room. Freya grabbed Yoko’s hand.

“no matter what, Don’t let go!”

They made their way through the hallways of the barracks in the pitch blackness. Freya had memorized every passage way and every secret way to traverse the facility. She was only trying the routes out for the first time. She couldn’t test them earlier lest the staff get wind that one, she is actually a genius, and two, this genius is planning on escaping. As they walked through their passageway they began opening the doors of other residents rooms asking whether anyone else wanted to escape. At the end of the hallway they bumped into a little silver haired girl. Behind her was a man that looked like he was facility staff.

“You’re Freya?” he looked questioningly at the bronze skinned girl who nodded. “and you are Yoko?” looking questioningly at the other girl.

Yoko stepped back looking suspicious. “Who are you?”

Freya scrutinized the man next to the little silver haired girl. “that’s not your natural hair color, is it?”

The man smiled, “and I’m wearing special lenses to hide my eye color…”

“… that probably matches this girl’s.” Freya cut in. “ok. I get it.”

Yoko looked clueless, “eh?”

“they’re related. His hair and eyes are the same color as the girls!” Freya stopped and took a deep breath. “Sorry. I know you’re listening out. They’re okay. Not enemies.”

Yoko sighed and looked relieved. She had been using her mind reading powers since their escape began. It was difficult sorting through the thoughts and determining the proximity of so many people within the facility.

“You want to go to the armory. Correct?” asked the man.

“heeeey! Are you a precog?” Freya replied.

Smiling, the man replied, “bingo… only it started a month ago, after you and I met. I’m Clyde. Follow me please.” He grabbed the small girls hand and began walking forward.

Yoko grabbed the girls hand as they went up the stairwell to the top level. Suddenly they turned right and went through the wall only it was actually a secret door that Freya had opened. They made their way down the hallway and up a set of stairs.

“Yoko!” called Clyde.

“I hear no one”

“I thought so, but just in case. The future is not set in stone yet.”

Freya opened another sliding door to a hallway. At the end of the hallway was a door with a sign that said “Armory.”

When they entered the room Clyde sighed looking relieved. Freya took it as a good sign. She walked inside lighting the space long enough to find a flashlight “let’s suit up for now. Ah right…. I hate guns. If you grab one you’re not coming.” Clyde chuckled. “I’m sorry. You’re too cute. I saw you in a few visions and for a little while before when you were… indisposed…”

“Ah! I remember now! They were being assholes but more than usual. You made them stop when they…” she suddenly stopped talking as she looked furtively towards her sister. “what’s with you guys?”

As her body shook and she balled her fists, the small silver haired girl spoke through clenched teeth, “Professor Agrimony decided it was a great idea to test a new drug on me. They had me in the lab strapped to a table for four days giving me drugs and forcing me to use my powers.” She looked at Clyde, “I didn’t even know who this guy was until I ran into him outside the lab.”

Clyde joined in, “I came here four years ago. Our story is a bit long and I can’t tell you everything now. Let’s keep moving.”

Freya rolled her eyes, “I don’t know about you but I don’t find talking and moving very difficult…”

“right you shared a secret with me.” Clyde changed the subject abruptly. “You said most people have the potential but few have the heart for the powers… what did you do to me though?”

“Huh?” Freya looked at him strangely and continued. She picked up a cross bow examined it closely, and put it down shaking her head.

Maybe it was because she was half conscious but Freya only remembered their conversation. Clyde remembered everything that occurred quite well. Freya had touched his head and he suddenly felt as though his heart was breaking. Only moments after staff walked into the room and rolled Freya away. During the following moments, he felt many things he couldn’t describe. A few days later he began having precognition. His precognitions rapidly progressed from moments in advance to months in advance.

They all grabbed weapons. Yoko chose a bow, two quivers of arrows, and a short sword. Freya took a katana made of an extremely powerful alloy created a few years ago by a military weapons distributor. She also grabbed a belt of throwing knives. The small girl took a sling shot and a short sword perfect for her stature. Freya raised an eyebrow.

“so we’re all suited up? They probably know we’re missing by now.”

“let’s go!” Yoko said excitedly.

They had a surprisingly easy time going through secret passageways and climbing up to the surface level of the facility.

“Here” Yoko whispered grabbing Freya’s hand tightly. “they have light too.”

Clyde cleared his throat. “I’m going to ready a vehicle. I will meet you when you get out of the building. He suddenly vanished through a passageway leading to the right.

Freya turned to their small companion finally addressing her. “Before we go out there and risk our lives for each other I’m Freya and this is my sister Yoko. I got really pissed off at this book we were reading and decided that since we were ready I may as well use it as motivation to break out of this damned place.”

The small girl looked at Freya her jaw hanging open.

“so what is your name and what is your power?”

The girl sputtered “uh… um… I’m Mandolin and I can control acceleration and deceleration of objects including me.”

“Waow” drawled out Freya. “so… it’s kind of like my telekinetic power but since you don’t control gravity you can’t really lift things so the things you control must be currently moving… now that I’m understanding that I think I wanna try something…” she thought for a moment.

“Mandolin. When we go out there, I’m gonna blind everyone and try to do something about their weapons. When you see an opening use your slingshot and Yoko…use your powers of persuasion. Everyone needs to close their eyes and stand back a bit. It’s gonna get hot.”

Freya opened the door that led to the regular passageway. Suddenly her body felt as though a thousand pins were sticking into it. Those damn esp sealing devices. Freya expected them but the feeling was worse than she expected. That brief hesitation got her arm grazed by a bullet as she tackled Yoko and Mandolin to the floor. She stood up and with all the willpower she could muster she created a light so bright and hot that it was nearly as bad as looking at the sun through a telescope. Some of the staff dropped their weapons as they grabbed at their eyes. Those closest to her had blood coming from their eyes. “You all forced my hand! You have no right to keep us here anyways…And you had the nerve to give me a incomplete book to entertain me for the WEEKEND! Are you guys serious!?!?” Mandolin and Yoko stood up and while Mandolin had her slingshot ready, Yoko lead the way and those standing in the passageway moved aside. When the girls finally reached the main entrance they cleared the way for Freya who forced the door open. Suddenly power returned to the facility as Freya shut the door and the girls were outside, but what they saw was a most shocking scene.


9:50 PM outside the underground testing facility

If the girls weren’t blinded during Freya’s dazzling display in the facility they were blinded by the bright scenery outside. After their eyes adjusted to the sun they found themselves surrounded by snow. It was cold. Extremely cold likely well below zero degrees centigrade.

“Where is this Yoko?!?”

Yoko looked to the ground. “apparently the coldest place on earth…”

“why didn’t you tell me earlier!?!?”

“you didn’t ask.”

“Yoko!!!…. Ok. How far are we from the coast line?”

“just a mile….and look… there’s the snow mobile over there!”

Freya looked over and saw the snow mobile. Then scanned the area, looking for the shoreline. It was in fact a little over a mile by her reckoning. Her visual acuity and ability to gauge distances exceeded most people’s. They also didn’t even have time to consider the cold. Either they escaped or died. From what Yoko explained from when she first received punishment, they would rather be dead because the older students receive even harsher punishment. Freya however, was well aware of the extent to which the facility employees went to discipline the trainees. Yoko never knew how infamous her sister had become and how much she had been poked, prodded and tortured because of the apparent ineffectiveness of the treatments.

Yoko squeezed Mandolins hand. “Its do or die. Mandolin, if you wanna go back I’m sure they won’t be so hard on you.”

Mandolin looked at Yoko and Freya with a droll look on her face. “I’d rather die.” She began running towards the snow mobile. “Come on.”

Clyde sat in the driver’s seat with a large military issue backpack beside him. The mobile sat six people. Freya and Yoko sat in the back while Mandolin took the front seat the pack between her brother and her self. Clyde looked Mandolin first and then at Freya and Yoko “when we reach our destination, you must not go anywhere until I find you. I can’t really describe what I saw but trust me. We will be separated soon. No matter what happens, don’t go anywhere.”

Freya looked at him at first quizzically, then nodded in comprehension “I understand.”

She turned to Mandolin, “you’re in charge of artillery.”

Mandolin nodded, preparing her slingshot. No one followed them from the facility. They assumed it was because anyone available to give chase was on a lower floor of the facility. However, when they reached the shoreline all of the guards at the pier began heading in the groups direction in their own snow mobiles. Their rifles were aimed mainly at Clyde, who looked pointedly at Freya who nodded. A single shot aimed at Mandolin and stopped by Freya showed that their guns did not even hold the promise of death. They were firing tranquilizer rounds. Freya panicked for a moment.if they started firing more and more rounds it would become more difficult to stop them.

She turned to Mandolin. “we need speed. Lots of it. We need to go so fast they can’t do anything. I can help… I think.” She grabbed mandolins hand. “now!”

Suddenly their snow mobile picked up speed so quickly that they were close to approaching the sound barrier. They shot right past the armed soldiers and towards the pier it wasn’t until they got close to the shoreline that they realized they forgot to decelerate. At that moment all four escapees held hands and said a final prayer as their vehicle shot into the water like a projectile going far and deep into the ocean. The last thing Freya and Yoko exchanged was one thought. we can go see mom and dad now…