Book One: Chapter Eight

Chapter 8


Both girls woke up several hours later in a underground facility. It was a lab where they did testing on children with paranormal abilities and trained them to later become political and military assets.

Yoko was angry. “to think people would use such tactics on defenseless children.”

The girl assumed the role of bystander from the day they arrived. Giving no indication that she could hear their thoughts through her actions or words, she played her role well. She and Freya were placed in the same barracks room. Facility staff initially wanted to separate them but decided that there was higher risk of them becoming defiant if they were forced to separate.

Yoko was not able to conceal her mind reading powers for long. She ended up reacting to the thoughts of a lab assistant who said he wouldn’t mind seeing what kind of woman Freya turned out to be. Yoko scowled at him and bit his hand as he was strapping Freya onto a table. As soon as she shouted “You’re not gonna touch her like that!” she realized her mistake. The assistant grinned widely, walking towards her and restrained her with cuffs. The researcher on duty placed her in an isolated cell where the researchers could easily access and tinker with her. Her stay lasted two months.

When she returned to their barracks room she had lost a lot of weight. Her eyes had dark circles and she was trembling. Freya did not ask her what happened and Yoko did not tell her anything. Freya was constantly tested for increased psychokinesis ability but she showed no improvement. Even under duress her use of her powers seemed to work inefficiently. She was her mothers daughter and she was not oblivious to the intentions of the scientists and staff. Even though Yoko never passed on their mothers message Freya didn’t give them anything and because the people at the facility learned from Yoko that Freya always said what she was thinking in front of other people they never looked into it further. Freya demonstrated just such a personality and they figured she was just naturally the opposite of Yoko.

The children in the facility were given an extremely rigorous schedule designed to expand their abilities, train their bodies, and minds to engage in politics and/or combat. They studied jeet kun do, kendo, archery, modern weapons handling and tactics. They learned survival skills and rhetoric. They also attended academic classes five days a week and were expected to train and read during the weekends.

Seven years had passed and both girls barely showed any signs of the years having passed. It was likely the result of living and growing indoors for so many years. They were actually the tallest girls there checking in at four feet ten inches. Their faces barely changed as though they were permanently ten or eleven years old.

Throughout those years the staff often toyed with Yoko attempting to wrest her control over her own powers and hold them in their own hands. Unfortunately because they did not grasp the extent of Yoko’s powers which were a total receptive vessel of thoughts, feelings and intentions. Yoko understood them completely. She was not a confused child unsure of how the staff viewed her and looking for approval. She knew they were toying with her and she let them think they succeeded. The staff and scientists failed in learning more about Freya and her full potential. Because she attended normal elementary school voluntarily and was not known to cause any trouble they failed to notice her hyper intelligence and aptitude for growth. Her days with Yoko were spent often in silence or just with her talking. Yoko wouldn’t speak. Freya deduced that all barracks rooms were being monitored and so she continued to speak her monologues until one day she had a tantrum and apparently decided never to speak to Yoko again.

A month later on a Saturday, Yoko was in the room with Freya who had picked out a book to read. Suddenly her head hurt. Her eyes started going red and she suddenly screamed. After 20 minutes of that pain she fainted and had to go to the infirmary. Hours later she awoke in the infirmary to a constant “Yo-ko, Yo-ko-i-nu,”

Yoko gasped surprised and suddenly her thoughts were intruded upon keep the volume up but not for your mouth please!

Yoko ALMOST laughed out loud but kept it inside. Freya had made a breakthrough with her powers. She learned to use telepathy. Freya did not go into extreme detail about it but from then on they began to speak again. It didn’t seem out of the ordinary to the staff. Yoko had a bad headache and Freya helped her sister immediately.

It was on the day that Yoko went to the infirmary that she had told Freya of her mother’s will.

I kind of figured that out on my own. Thought Freya. I’m a genius. Ya’ know?

Right… Thanks for reminding me. Yoko replied drily.

The girls began to form their own type of cryptic language centering around books. They often read books aloud together and discussed them in their room. They still went through rigorous testing and training but secretly Freya had been gauging her own powers. She had gained the power of telepathy and could read minds to an extent she could receive what Yoko sent to her but she could not hear everything like Yoko. Her Psychokinesis had in fact developed to an unprecedented level. She began to practice her powers on the level of energy and practicing fine tuned Telekinesis made her powers increase overall. That in turn caused Freya to take more effort in concealing her rapidly growing powers.

Yoko had developed an ability to influence minds. She couldn’t control them per se but she could convince people that they wanted to and intended to perform specific actions. She practiced it mostly in the cafeteria getting extra servings of food and fulfilling her sisterly duties. Freya’s brain used up so much energy suppressing her ever increasing power.

Since they began talking again, they had discussed telepathically how they might attempt to escape over the past few months. Finally on the very day they read that unfinished book and Freya had reached the heights of her frustration for the weekend that she gave Yoko a signal…