Book One: Chapter Seven

Remembering the Past

Both Freya and Yoko had grown up together. However, they were not always together.

Ever since Yoko was born she was constantly flooded with thoughts and emotions of others around her. She had a particularly strong mind reading ability. By the time she turned two, she understood complex thoughts and feelings that no other two year old would understand. It was when she was supposed to be going through her period of “terrible twos” that her parents became more and more unnerved. She threw few tantrums. Rarely did she express extreme willful behavior. Often apologising when she knew her parents were frustrated, she soon garnered her parents confusion, and in time their disgust. Instead of seeing her ability as something she was born with, they attributed the ability to Yoko, and decided they did not like her prying into their lives. Instead of trying to understand their daughter they preferred to avoid her.

Two months after her sixth birthday, Yoko’s parents left her alone in the house. During the night, while she was sleeping her parents made an impulsive decision to leave the house. Yoko remained in the house for some time eating canned food and microwave meals left in the freezer. Weeks passed and her parents had not returned. Soon the food in the cabinets would be gone and Yoko was not sure she could stay any longer. She knew that her parents had to pay “rent” but she had no job and couldn’t pay rent herself.

Though Yoko had such an unfortunate beginning with her parents, she was blessed with her closest friend. Freya, a classmate, and neighbor, loved her like a sister. They had initially met in school. Freya wanted to be left alone to read while the rest of the class sat around her asking questions and Yoko sat isolated from the rest of the class. Freya decided to move to the seat beside Yoko telling the class “you’re all noisy. I’m gonna ask the teacher for a seating change.” After which the rest of her classmates returned to their chairs. Freya made the former occupant of her chair move to her seat.

“Sorry.” She said to Yoko. “I don’t know why they stay away from you but since they do I’m gonna sit here.” Yoko was a bit surprised then because after speaking, Yoko heard and felt no residual unspoken thoughts from Freya.

Yoko loved Freya because Freya was not like other children. She did not worry about friends, or appearances. She did not gossip or constantly compare people. She was always thinking about the world around her and all of the possibilities. She was a people person because of her open and accepting personality but Yoko knew for sure that Freya truly did care for her the most. Yoko was happy knowing that her friend was happy around her because just being with Freya made her think of the world in different ways.

On the day Yoko told Freya that her parents left her alone in the house and why, Freya took the reluctant Yoko home with her when classes ended. “you HAVE TO come home with me. I’m sure Mom and Dad will figure something out.”

Freya Little had nice parents. Not just nice. As Freya grew up she appreciated her parents more and more each day. Ever since she had started showing her power of psychokinesis at two years old her parents constantly drilled into her that her powers were not bad and they could even help people with them but she shouldn’t use them all the time and for everything because other people were not like her. They also wanted her to appreciate her powers by knowing how tough the world can be for people without special powers. Freya had an intelligence quotient well above average and that was only what was measured on tests, and while she read complicated works of literature, studied Tai Chi (which helped her find balance and control her powers), philosophy, engineering and advanced chemistry she enjoyed going to school and being a normal six year old.

When Yoko entered the ‘Little’ household her mind began to expand in many ways. Freya herself revealed Yoko’s special ability to her parents. Unlike her own parents they began discussing with her what they could do to help her. They helped her learn how to control her power. She studied Tai chi with Freya and she also began to appreciate her own power because it could be useful for solving conflicts in school. Yoko gained confidence and she was happy for the first time since she was born. After six months not being able to locate Yoko’s parents, they decided to formally adopt her. Yokoinu Aoi Houslander became Yokoinu Little. Unfortunately, for the Little family, their time of familial bliss was short lived.

Their time together lasted just over one and a half years. Yoko was almost crushed by a forty pound bag of cement as she walked by he scaffolding of the new athletic facility being build for their school. Freya had used her telekinetic powers in order to save Yoko in front of the entire school. Freya became very popular after that. Not only was she pretty and strong and made the top grades in school, she had super powers and didn’t antagonize other students. To her schoolmates she was the perfect example of an elementary student (though one might wonder about their standards). Yoko also became the perfect best friend, making good grades and solving conflicts between students and even teachers in crafty ways. The other students began to notice that Yoko was also quite beautiful. Having cast off her meek demeanor the other children began to notice how beautiful and exotic Yoko appeared.

A week after the incident. Mr. And Mrs. Little went to meet with some “important people” while both girls impatiently waited at home. When their parents returned, they told both girls to pack their bags because they had to leave soon.

“Where are we going? “ they both asked.

“where people can’t… find us and break our family apart.”

Everyone packed a bag of clothes and treasured items. Before leaving Freya’s parents went to borrow their neighbors car. They only had to travel two blocks.

“why are they getting the neighbors car?” Freya thought and spoke at the same time.

“I turned my volume up.“ Yoko said using her special term for engaging her power. “it’s because they don’t want the people who want to take us away to know where we are. If they use our car we can be easily followed. They also probably bugged the car.” She suddenly went quiet and still. Slowly her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She suddenly screamed.

“I hear them!…No!…”

Yoko ran out the door just in time to see a speeding car hit Mr. And Mrs. Little… only it wasn’t an accident. Yoko knew it was not an accident. Suddenly thoughts flooded into her head. Don’t tell Freya yet. You know how she… Yoko. Yoko. I know you’re listening sweetheart. It was Mrs. Little. Survive. Don’t use your powers no matter what. They know Freya can use telekinesis but you don’t give them anything. I love you both. We both love you…. We will be watching you from the other s…..

That was the end of the thoughts that flooded her mind. She immediately shut out all thought around her. Freya ran out of the house and upon seeing her parents bodies in the road she fell unconscious. Suddenly from behind, Yoko felt a hand cover her mouth with a strange smelling cloth and all went black.