Book One: Chapter Six

December 20, 3295 6:00 AM


Chapter 6

Location: Girls barracks, ESP testing facility,
Somewhere on Earth

A hard covered book smacked against the white wall of the double occupancy barracks room.

“What kind of story was that? What kind of dialogues were those? And what kind of story has a beginning but no middle or end? What a buzz kill!” a husky voice yelled out.

Loud laughter rang throughout the sterile space that contained two beds. Two wardrobes filled with several white shifts, under clothes, white exercise clothes, feminine items and toiletries, and a black dress cut in a style that complimented each girl’s figure. Next to the door leading to the room we’re eight sets of shoes. Four sets of white sneakers and four pairs of silver ballet flats.

Both occupants were dressed in white shifts one wore a necklace with a locket a lock of brown hair in it. The other wore a charm bracelet. Both had long hair tumbling down their backs. One of the young girls had wavy dark brown hair, olive colored skin and large doelike Hazel eyes. The other had jet black hair with corkscrew curls (which she was quite proud of) bronze skin, and hooded navy blue eyes that looked like a night time sky filled with stars.

It was the latter occupant who had thrown a book across the room barely missing her roomate. She had just finished reading the story aloud, only she hadn’t expected the story to end so soon. Nor had she expected an unfinished story with sappy dialogue.

“well, I agree with you Freya” said the occupant, “if they have such sappy dialogue they could have at least finished the story.”

The Book Freya held had one thousand pages but only the few first pages held the beginning of the story. The rest were blank.

“what do we do Yoko?” asked Freya with a look of feigned desperation in her eyes.

“we have to wait until Monday. “

It was Saturday and the girls were locked in the barracks for the weekend with the other occupants. Every Friday the residence staff would allow the children to choose a book to read for the weekend. Aside from working out and eating the children were allowed only to read in their rooms. Almost all of them had been there since they were babies never having seen the light of day since entering the facility. Freya and Yoko were two out of a total of seven students who were found with special abilities after living in the world outside the facility until they reached the ages of five thru eight. There was a total of three hundred children in the facility who had some kind of ESP abilities. Most of them had been taken fro. Their parents soon after they were born and raised in the facility.