Book One: Chapter Five


Two Seers

That same evening there was a quiet suspense one could feel in the city. Fog had rolled into the area, and not only did it appear to obscure peoples’ vision but it also seemed to cancel out all sound. An old couple hunched over and carrying staffs made their way through the back streets and alleyways of Trolipolitus. Their destination seemed to be in the direction of the royal palace.

Their steps were very slow. The two were an unassuming pair who caught little attention. They both wore brown hooded robes to protect them from the cold. No one paid the least bit of attention to them which they were grateful for. In a few hours they would deliver a message to the palace that would cause a big stir through the capital.

“Lucinda, are you sure we need to do this?” said the man.

“Dear, if we didn’t we would be just as bad as they are. We will at least be above board and give the a chance to stop things as they are now…” She grabbed the old mans hand.

“Trolvania is our home as well and we want to see it prosper regardless of this prophecy.” Replied the old man. His name was Pomeroi.

“If we tell them about the prophecy, maybe they will reconsider…”